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‘Jeopardy’: Aaron Rodgers Reveals Which Part of the Show He Loves

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the current guest host of Jeopardy!, a former champion of Celebrity Jeopardy!, and is a well-known fanatic of the game show as well. Although he likes everything about the popular quiz show, there’s one segment of Jeopardy! that he truly loves.

For Rodgers, the game show’s short interviews with the contestants each episode are his favorite part of Jeopardy!. The Jeopardy! contestants go through a brief interview with the host every episode. Typically, the contestants share a fun fact about their life or their favorite hobby. The short segment helps viewers get to know the players a bit better as they compete to become Jeopardy! champion.

The quiz show posted a clip of tonight’s contestants sharing their stories with Rodgers. As per usual, fans got an interesting array of responses from the players.

Contestant Allison Means from Florida has a longstanding tradition with her husband of taking ugly selfies while on vacation. Additionally, the couple amusingly can’t wait to introduce their eight-month-old daughter to the customary photo op when she gets older.

Canadian bartender Drew Fox hitchhiked from his hometown in Toronto to San Francisco, California – at only 15 years old.

Finally, returning champion Dennis Chase has lent a hand with AIDS education. His humanitarian work includes being involved with the AIDS quilt project in South Africa in 1999.

Interim host Aaron Rodgers retweeted Jeopardy!‘s contestant interview video. He said he loves that part of the show because of the player’s “unique” and “often hilarious” stories. He also made sure to add a hashtag calling Jeopardy! the best show ever.

“Love this part of the show!! The stories are always so unique, and often hilarious #contestantinterviews #bestshowever,” Rodgers wrote on Twitter.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Aaron Rodgers Learned How ‘Intense’ it is To Run the Game Show

Jeopardy! executive producer Mike Richards recently revealed exactly when Aaron Rodgers gained a whole new perspective for the game show. During one point of filming, the QB realized just how intense hosting the game show can be.

Richards, who also guest-hosted Jeopardy! as well, talked with sports reporter Peter King a few days ago. They spoke about Rodgers’ run as the current interim host. Last season’s NFL MVP was shocked once he took the reins of the show, according to Richards.

The Super Bowl champion studied previous episodes and focused heavily on Alex Trebek’s every move as he prepared for his two weeks on the show. However, once on-set of Jeopardy!, Rodgers quickly understood it was a whole different ballgame. During a commercial break early on in one episode, Rodgers said to Richards, “Whoa! You were right. The real game is totally different.”

“The intensity goes up in the real game, which Aaron found out,” Richards said on Friday to King, according to an NBC Sports article. “You can see, even with the second show, his voice got better, his command got better, he started to enjoy it and have fun. But the truth is, you never truly relax. You’ve got the open, introducing the categories, 15 questions, the short interviews with the players, 15 more questions, 30 questions in Double Jeopardy, sum up, introduce Final Jeopardy, then do that. And through it all, you’re the arbiter of every question.”

“And,” Richards amusingly added, “there’s no huddle.”