‘Jeopardy!’: Aaron Rodgers Reveals Who Gave the Funniest Answers He’s Heard on the Show

by Joe Rutland

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still guest-hosting “Jeopardy!” and says Mr. Wonderful gave the funniest answers he’s heard.

Rodgers decided to give his 1.3 million Instagram followers something to do with their time. So, Rodgers put up a kind of AMA “Ask Me Anything” about his time on “Jeopardy!” or anything at all.

Now he put the questions up in his Instagram stories area, not in a separate post. You can find his response in the middle of some photos and videos Rodgers tossed out to the public.

Aaron Rodgers Gives Mr. Wonderful ‘Jeopardy!’ Shoutout

One fan asked what is the funniest answer he has ever heard on the show. Rodgers simply gave it up to Mr. Wonderful. Who is Mr. Wonderful? He’s referring to entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary, best known by TV viewers for his spot on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Rodgers didn’t offer any more information other than simply responding “Anything Mr (sic) Wonderful said on our episode” on Instagram.

Back in 2015, Rodgers appeared on a “Celebrity Jeopardy!” episode with O’Leary and astronaut and current U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly.

Research Work Helped Rodgers When Facing O’Leary, Kelly

In an interview with The Ringer focusing on his hosting duties, Rodgers was asked about that appearance and what he did to prep for the game.

“There’s a website called J! Archive that I went on,” Aaron Rodgers said. “They archive games. I went back and looked at the celebrity games to get a feel for it.

“But also what gave me a slight advantage, or maybe large advantage, was Mr. Wonderful didn’t really know ‘Jeopardy!'” he said. “And Mark Kelly—people probably don’t know this because he’s a good man and wouldn’t say this, but two days before our taping, he had been in Kazakhstan seeing his brother off in space for a year. His brother’s also an astronaut. He flew back and was probably super jet-lagged. And I don’t know how big of a fan of ‘Jeopardy!’ he was.”

Aaron Rodgers, though, was all ready for his turn behind the lectern as “Jeopardy!” guest host.