‘Jeopardy’: Aaron Rodgers Says Executive Producer Mike Richards ‘Was a Blast To Work With’

by John Jamison
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers’ guest-hosting stint on “Jeopardy!” begins Monday evening as he takes over for Dr. Oz. The Green Bay Packers quarterback sounded excited about the time he spent on the set. Almost as excited as we are to watch what came out of it.

The debut is highly anticipated as the former guest-host, television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, was met with mixed reviews.

Rodgers talked about his experience during an interview with the “Pat McAfee Show.” Interestingly enough, the quarterback hasn’t watched any of the episodes since Alex Trebek himself was hosting. As a result, he didn’t see any of the episodes where executive producer Mike Richards took over the podium. But he had only good things to say about how Richards runs the show.

“It was so much fun being on the set. They really set up the thing for the host to be successful. You know Mike Richards, of ‘Beauty and The Geek’ fame, if you remember that show. He was the host of that show. He’s the executive producer of ‘Jeopardy!’ and he was a blast to work with,” Rodgers said.

Aaron Rodgers Compares ‘Jeopardy!’ Experience to Football

Talking to former NFL player Pat McAfee, Aaron Rodgers noted some of the similarities between running an offense and running a game show.

“He was the voice in my ear and as I’ve had your boy McCarthy and that ‘Pittsburgh-ese’ in my ear for so long, and Matt LaFleur for the last couple years, it was nice having a, maybe a little more quieter steady voice,” Rodgers said of Mike Richards.

Anyone familiar with NFL football knows that the quarterback has a headset in his helmet so he can communicate with the coach. Clearly, the relaxed voice of Mike Richards giving Rodgers guidance on “Jeopardy!” was a welcome change of pace.

It wasn’t just Mike Richards, however.

“We had a lot of fun. Everybody associated with the show was so sweet and positive. I mean there’s so many lifers on that show. Mike Richards has only been on the show, I think this is his second year. But I’m talking about the hair and makeup ladies, been on the show over 25 years both of them. The stylist been on the show like 31 years, I think. The head writer, 30-plus years. You know Lisa, one of the head producers, you know close to that time as well. So just being able to hear the stories about Alex from those folks during breaks and lulls in the day was really, really fun.”

Keep up the good work, “Jeopardy!” crew. It doesn’t go unnoticed.