‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Aaron Rodgers Says He ‘Surprised’ Show’s Staff and Producers: ‘Best Way to Honor Alex’s Memory’

by Jon D. B.

Excellent news, ‘Jeopardy!’ and Aaron Rodgers fans! The show’s producers say the star quarterback’s performance as guest host took them by complete surprise. In short: prepare for another superb host!

Ready for your next ‘Jeopardy! guest host? Sports fans absolutely are, as the Green Bay Packers’ “Celebrity Jeopardy!” champ, Aaron Rodgers, steps into the spotlight on April 5.

As with all guest hosts, their episodes have been filmed well in advance to their air dates. And according to ‘Jeopardy!’s producers, Rodgers truly stepped up and blew everyone out of the water.

“I know they didn’t expect what I was about to bring, but I was just so prepared,” Rodgers told ESPN Friday. “I was so ready.”

How ready was Green Bay’s leading man and 2015 “Celebrity Jeopardy!” champion? Rodgers says that as soon as they got into the first game and run-through, he felt he was already crushing it.

“Whoah, OK, this guy kind of knows what he’s doing”

“There’s 30 questions in a Jeopardy round, and after the first 15 questions, we go to break. They say it in your earpiece, ‘Take it to break.’ So I take it to break, and there was a pause, and I think everyone was like, ‘Whoa, OK, this guy kind of knows what he’s doing here,” he tells the sports giant.

“One of the head producers said as much. She was like, ‘I’m just so appreciative of your approach.’ And my whole thing was I felt like the best way to honor Alex’s memory was to be so dialed in and so ready, and that’s the approach I took,” he continues. “So I was ready to rock and roll.”

Well done, Mr. Rodgers! We couldn’t agree more. Few late celebrities hold a place in America’s heart like Alex Trebek. It sounds like Rodgers is doing his utmost – and bringing his absolute A-game – to the table to honor the icon’s legacy.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans are Ready for Aaron Rodgers after Dr. Oz

Rodgers’ statement comes on the last day of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s hosting tenure. Friday will air the controversial Dr.’s final stint as host. Oz’s time on ‘Jeopardy!’ has put a dint in it’s legacy for some past contestants and viewers, too.

As early as February, the online fandom for ‘Jeopardy!’ began taking action against Oz. An “open letter” hit Medium.com that month, calling for the show to “rethink their decision.”

Viewers and former contestants alike voiced concern that Oz’ presence would “elevate” the presence of “the “talking head[s] at the expense of academic rigor and consensus.”

“When we heard that Dr. Mehmet Oz was slated to be a guest host, agreement came quickly — we were opposed,” the Feb. 24 letter begins. “Dr. Oz stands in opposition to everything that ‘Jeopardy!’ stands for.”

Mehmet Oz himself, however, is a longtime friend of Alex Trebek. The two spoke highly of each other throughout Trebek’s life.

Regardless, ‘Jeopardy!’ fans feel ready to embrace Aaron Rodgers with open arms. “America’s Game Show” returns Monday, April 5 with the Green Bay star as host.