‘Jeopardy!’: Aaron Rodgers Says He Wears Five Suits Per Day While Guest-Hosting

by John Jamison

The “Jeopardy!” wardrobe stylist may be the busiest person in show business when it comes time for taping. Aaron Rodgers, the current guest-host on the long-running game show, answered a question on his Instagram story revealing that he went through five different suits each day he worked.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback has been busy hosting “Jeopardy!” and no doubt getting ready for the NFL season. But he’s still making time to engage with fans who are curious about his experience working on the game show.

In a recent Instagram story, Aaron Rodgers fielded a question from a user that read, “Did you change suits after taping every episode? So like 5x a day?”

Rodgers answered, “Yup, 5 different suit combos per day 💪🏼”

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. It’s just not something people really think about. By the time a new “Jeopardy!” episode is airing on TV, at least a full day has gone by, so it feels natural that the host is wearing a different suit.

In reality, the “Jeopardy!” set is probably in chaos between each episode. Wardrobe stylists running around making sure each piece of the new suit is ready. Hair and makeup people trying to put their finishing touches on Rodgers before the game begins. These people are the unsung heroes of television.

But do the guest hosts provide their own suits since they’re only there for such a short time? That would be a good follow-up question for Aaron.

Late ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Was A Man of Many Suits

Okay, so Aaron Rodgers is a part-timer who went through five suits a day. But did he have 50 suits ready to go? Doubt it.

Alex Trebek did, though. The longtime “Jeopardy!” host had a collection of 50 suits on set that his wardrobe stylist could choose from at any given time.

It’s a big number, but when you consider the 36 years Trebek spent hosting the show, it’s understandable.

Now it’s no secret that Aaron Rodgers wants the permanent hosting job. And he likely has a pretty sizeable suit collection of his own from the years he’s spent playing in the NFL. One that could rival Trebek’s, even.

So if that’s a prerequisite for the gig, he’s got a leg up on most of his competition.