‘Jeopardy!’: What Advice Did Ken Jennings Give James Holzhauer After His Win Streak Ended?

by Keeli Parkey

Thanks to their long and successful runs on “Jeopardy!”, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer are part of an elite club that few people will probably ever join. So, it’s not surprising that when Holzhauer’s winning streak ended, Jennings was there to offer him some pretty great advice.

It was during an interview with Good Morning America in June 2019, that Jennings shared his words of wisdom. And, what he said was meant to encourage Holzhauer to take advantage of the fame he earned by his success on the show.

“I just told him – you know, take some time to think about what it is you want,” Jennings said. “Because, you know, you do have a window. Do you have a book idea … a podcast idea? Do you want to give a TED Talk? Because now is the time.

James Holzhauer won more than $2 million during his lengthy run on “Jeopardy!” He got within $100,000 of matching the money Jennings initially earned on the show, according to Good Morning America.

But, this fell short of Ken Jennings’ record $2.5 million-plus record. He won 74 episodes of the popular quiz show. He has since gone on to win more than $4.5 million on the show, including $1 million in the 2020 competition, “Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time.” It was during this special event that Jennings faced off with Holzhauer and fellow champion Brad Rutter.

During that 2019 interview with Good Morning America, Jennings said a competition with Holzhauer was “inevitable.” He obviously wasn’t wrong.

Rutter has actually won more money on “Jeopardy!” than Jennings. Rutter’s total stands at $5.1 million. He earned that money competing in special events on the show, such as the Million Dollar Masters Tournament in 2002.

Famous “Jeopardy!” Contestants Working Together on New Show

If you’re wanting to see more from those three iconic “Jeopardy!” champions all you have to do is check out their new show. It is called “The Chase” and it has aired on ABC.

Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Brad Rutter all appear on the new quiz show. They serve as the “Chasers.” Contestants must battle them in order to win. That seems like a pretty monumental task if you really think about it. But, it also sounds like a great battle of wits.

During an interview with EW, Holzhauer talked about the show and how it is different from “Jeopardy!” “

“One thing I really like (about The Chase) is that you have to beat the final boss,” Holzhauer said EW. “Sometimes you watch a ‘Jeopardy!’ episode and it’s like the NFC East, where somebody has to win even if none of them deserve it. There’s no undeserving winners on ‘The Chase.’ You have to defeat the Chaser in a big battle and earn your money there.”

Jennings told EW that joining forces with Holzhauer and Rutter makes “The Chase” successful.

“Any trivia person would rather get the question right than wrong,” Jennings said. “But I think the format (of ‘The Chase’) only works because we also like each other. If we genuinely didn’t like each other, the ribbing would not work.”

Want to see what “The Chase” is like, you can watch episodes and clips from the show here.