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‘Jeopardy!’ Announces Air Date of Its ‘National College Championship’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

In the midst of a brand new Professors Tournament, Jeopardy! has announced the dates for its National College Championship as well.

First, the educators themselves will face off starting on Monday, December 6. However, starting on February 8, the students will take to the podiums to play for prize money. Both will feature Mayim Bialik as the host.

ABC has the show scheduled to play throughout the second month of next year. The best part for all those Jeopardy! fans out there, these will be hour-long episodes. That’s right, we aren’t getting 30 minutes, but a full hour. It will be a battle between 36 students all from different colleges and institutions.

After nine days of trivia and a battle of quick recall, a champion will be crowned. While there have been college competitions in the past, the National College Championship will be a first-time tournament just like the Professors version.

Show Pivots From Mike Richards to Mayim Bialik for Tournaments

Look, we all know that the Jeopardy! drama this year was through the roof. There were a lot of great guest hosts and in the end, Mike Richards was selected to replace Alex Trebek. Not many fans were happy about that.

Then, when it came out that he had made some unsavory comments about women and other groups, the backlash came. Since then the show has been able to make a great pivot and have a successful show.

Through all the rough patches, we have seen a 38-day winner in Matt Amodio and so far two 10-day winners with Jonathan Fisher and Amy Schneider. Oh, and Ken Jennings as host. Now, it looks like Bialik and possibly Jennings are the future of the show.

For contestants competing in the College Championship, there is a lot of money up for grabs. When the tournament was scheduled with Richards at the helm, the prize was $100,000. However, that could have changed along with the host. The first week will run from Feb 8-11. Then, pick up again on the 15th through the 18th. Finally, Tuesday, February 22 will be the championship.

‘Jeopardy!’ Professors Tournament Set to Kickoff

In the meantime, Jeopardy! fans have been enjoying some great regular games. Schneider has proved to be an impressive competitor. As far as tournaments go, the Professors Tournament will be a great precursor to the student tournament next year.

Bialik will host that tournament as well. She has a Ph.D. and if her life had gone a different direction, she could have been competing in this tournament instead of hosting it. Life is funny that way.

Instead, she is set to host Jeopardy! for the foreseeable future. So, if you have been enjoying her behind the stand, then you have a lot more to look forward to.