‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Alex Trebek Look Absolutely Glorious with Undone Canadian Tuxedo in 1975 Interview

by Halle Ames

You know the saying, there is nothing quite like a sharp-dressed man. Well, this Canadian tuxedo had Alex Trebek looking fresh.

Denim everything head to toe? There is nothing better. It seems Alex Trebek was really channeling his Canadian roots with this outfit choice.

The Alex Trebek we remember was a clean-cut, modest man that tirelessly hosted the intellectual game show Jeopardy. But this is the 70s, baby! Trebek was in full hippie fashion with his chest exposed, a dark curly afro and mustache, and a long cross pendant reaching down to his mid-chest. An absolute fashion ICON!

Like most, Alex Trebek didn’t find himself on the set of Jeopardy straight out of college.

According to CNN, in 1966, while still in his mid-20s, he switched from journalism to hosting game shows, starting with a quiz show titled Reach for the Top, and followed a few years later by another, Jackpot. It wasn’t until 1974 that Alex Trebek hosted the show High Rollers.

Game Show Fandom reports the show was a “high-stakes, dice rolling-themed game show where every decision is a gamble, and every move can be your last.” The popular board game Shut the Box inspired the show.

Alex Trebek, the Most Fashionable Host on Television

The Bobbie Wygant Archive posted a 1975 interview with the stylist host Alex Trebek, where he hilariously comments on his look.

“Some people have said that I appear to have gone ‘Californian’ because last year at this time I was wearing a suit, a shirt and a tie and looking very serious, as befits a Canadian. Now all of the sudden, I’m walking around in sports clothes and having a marvelous time.”

Heck yeah, Alex. Express yourself! The all-jean outfit looks splendid on you, who need corporate suits anyway?

“These are John Davidson hand-me-downs,” jokes Trebek.

On High Rollers, Alex Trebek was joined by fellow Canadian as well as Texas favorite Ruta Lee. The dynamic duo were some of television’s favorites. The interviewer notes, “she could run for governor of Texas, I think, and be elected. She’s very, very popular there.”

Trebek continues, saying what a small world it was that two Canadians were ‘reunited’ on the game show.

“Yes, you people are taking over our industry here,” states the interviewer.

“No, we hope to be making a good contribution, but by no means are we taking it over,” said Trebek. “We’re just enjoying the American hospitality.”

And boy, were we happy to have him! We miss Alex Trebek, however, we reallllyyy miss this top-notch outfit and hair choice.