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‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Emotionally Detailed His Pride Over His Children in Late 2019 Interview

by Jennifer Shea
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

In 2019, late “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek sat down for an interview with Canada’s CTV News. Over the course of a wide-ranging discussion, Trebek talked about the things that mattered most to him.

Naturally, the subject of his children came up. Trebek had just discussed his efforts to help others, from Canadian students to starving Ethiopians. And Trebek’s interviewer wanted to know how he taught his own children about compassion for those less fortunate than them.

“I think they have learned by watching,” Trebek said. “My son’s sitting in the other room, and I’m very proud of him, because both he and his sister, Emily, have achieved elements of compassion in life that I don’t think I had at their age. And I don’t know if they got it from me or from their mother, who is an extremely wonderful human being. But they have it. And I’m so proud that they do have it.”

Watch Trebek’s comments (at 15:00) here:

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Had Three Children

Trebek adopted the daughter of his first wife, Elaine Callei, before he met Jean Currivan, his wife from 1990 until his death. His oldest daughter, Nicky, works as a production coordinator on “Jeopardy!” and is also a singer-songwriter, per People.

With Jean, Trebek also had two children, Matthew and Emily. Matthew is a restauranteur in New York City and Emily works in real estate in Los Angeles.

“They’re really sharp, and have done their due diligence in their respective endeavors,” Trebek told People of his children. And he was not the only one who thought they’d learned compassion.

“They’re both very compassionate, sensitive people,” Jean added. “They’re really the best of Alex and I. You can talk to them. They’re our good friends.”

Last summer, as Trebek underwent cancer treatments, his family gathered to share their favorite memories involving the “Jeopardy!” host, Fox News reported. Emily fondly recalled their trips to the lake house in Paso Robles. Matthew reminisced about the time Trebek gave him the cross that he wore as a young man. And Nicky remembered seeing her father at work and realizing that he was the best in the business.

That March, Trebek had announced to his fans, “The one-year survival rate for stage 4 pancreatic cancer patients is 18 percent. I’m very happy to report I have just reached that marker.”

The “Jeopardy!” host would pass away at home, surrounded by family, on Nov. 8, 2020. He was 80 years old.