‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Alex Trebek Passionately Explained Why Game Shows are ‘Feel Good Television’

by Will Shepard

Alex Trebek was a legendary host who made history standing behind the podium during Jeopardy! He took a lot of pride in the show that he brought to life. He will forever be remembered as one of the best game show hosts ever.

At the 38th annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony, We Love Soaps spoke to Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak. Trebek explained what Jeopardy! is all about during the interview. His thoughts not only sum up his game show but also who he was as a person.

“Ours is feel-good television,” Trebek explained. “We feature average Americans doing well in front of a national audience – winning prizes, winning trips, and winning lots of money. Even the people who go away as non-winners go away with something.”

The host of Jeopardy! continued to explain the impact that his game show has on people. “At the very least, they have had their moment on television – on national television. They’ve been there with Pat and with me. And they’ve been able to shine, so their friends see them, and they say, ‘Hey, I was on Wheel of Fortune. I didn’t win but I was on. I met Pat, and I met Vanna [White].'”

“That’s exciting. That’s really what we do. We try to make people all around America feel good. And, I think that we’ve succeeded very well.” Nodding towards Sajak, Trebek said, “He’s been on for thirty years, and on this show, I’ve been on for twenty-seven.”

The Host of ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Shared a Little Bit About Their Friendship

During this same interview from 2011, the Jeopardy! host talks about the friendship that the two hosts have. He shared that he and the Wheel of Fortune host have a unique relationship.

In particular, Trebek said that even though you might think there is a lot in common between the two of them, and actually, there isn’t all that much they share.

Pat Sajak didn’t want to answer the question, so Trebek took over the answering duties. His thoughts on their relationship are amazing.

“People ask if we socialize. We don’t,” the Jeopardy! host explained. “Pat spends half of his time living on the East Coast, and I live out here, and we’re friends, but we do not socialize.”

Trebek continued, “In fact, there are very few game show hosts that I know that socialize with other game show hosts. It’s not that we don’t like each other, you know, I’m friends, and I socialize with Peter Marshall, but Peter hasn’t hosted a program in years and years and years, but yeah.”

More importantly, the legendary host of Jeopardy! added that, “I respect Pat’s works– the quality of his work, and we are friends. I respect his humor. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever encountered, and I always feel a little intimidated by that, but hey.”

No matter how their friendship went, the two hosts remained close for many years.