‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Grew Back His Iconic Facial Hair for One Clue in 2016 April Fools Episode

by Halle Ames

This year marks the first April Fools Day Jeopardy! episode in 36 years that host Alex Trebek will not be in attendance for.

Let’s rewind the clocks to see when the long-term host grew back his iconic mustache as a hint for the 2016 April Fools Day episode. Well, kind of grew it back. Can you get the question right?

Alex Trebek? Is That You?

The question worth $1200 went as follows, “Author Oscar Hijuelos created this group who ‘play songs of love’.”

No contestant buzzed in with the answer to this question.

The answer was, The Mambo Kings.

The clip of Alex Trebek answering this question was pulled from an old show when the legendary mustache was a Trebek staple.

In 2001, he shocked the world when he made headlines for his shaven upper lip. Outsider writer Jon D. B. covered the major story a month ago, saying, “Trades went into a frenzy, with the facial-hair-disappearance making headline news and front pages.”

As for why Alex Trebek made the rash decision to part with the beloved stache, he says it was due to a “pure whim.”

Seems a bit premature to us. The mustache was as much a part of Trebek’s image as the rest of his face!

“On tape day, we were about to tape our fifth show. And I went into the makeup room… sat in the chair… and said ‘I’m gonna shave my mustache’,” the icon recalls. “So I shaved half of it,” he continues, hilariously. “So then I shaved the other half and walked out, and I’m not sure everybody noticed immediately.”

‘Jeopardy!’s Got Jokes

The reappearance of Alex Trebek’s mustache wasn’t the only joke that Jeopardy! played on the 2016 April Fools episode.

Jeopardy! pulled out all the stops in celebration.

While introducing the show, the beloved host walked on set without any pants on, talking quite casually as if it was just another day at the office.

Next, for just a moment during the daily double, all the winnings went backward. So, instead of having $200, contestant Todd had 002$, but with the “2” and “$” turned around. We just do not have those capabilities at this hour. Furthermore, the Daily Double question icon was flipped upside down, comparable to the money amounts.

Alex Trebek continued, introducing one contestant as Milton John, similar to the hit singer Elton John.

Jeopardy! also switched the contestant Todd in for a robot at one point, but it was back to his human self within a flash. Later, Todd changed again, but to a more familiar face. A clip of Ken Jennings pops in to answer the question on Todd’s behalf.

At one point, an unfamiliar Jeopardy! noise hits the show. However, if you are a game show enthusiast, like ourselves, then you will recognize it from Wheel of Fortune.

Although no one will come close to being as legendary as Alex Trebek, especially on April Fools Day, we hope Jeopardy! throws in a few subtle jokes.