‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Alex Trebek Once Revealed His Hilarious Strategy for ‘Supermarket Sweep’

by Jon D. B.

If you wanted an excellent answer to nearly any question, the man for you was Jeopardy!‘s late, great Alex Trebek. He proved as much with this hysterical Entertainment Weekly interview all the way back in 1996.

One might think asking the legendary Alex Trebek “10 Stupid Questions” was insulting or low-brow, but not so. The late Jeopardy! icon had a tremendous sense of humor. By all accounts, he was always ready to provide a moment of levity, or revel in one with others.

So when Entertainment Weekly asked Trebek said “10 Stupid Questions” in 1996, they got absolutely brilliant answers. Below, we’ll focus on the game show oriented Q&As because A.) Jeopardy! and B.) They’re wonderful.

For their introductory question, EW asks Trebek: If you were a contestant on Supermarket Sweep (where one of the objectives is to spend as much money as possible), what aisle would you start in?”

“Wines and spirits….” the former Jeopardy! host answers within. “I think they limit you as to the number, so that would probably screw me up. It would show people that I don’t know what the hell they do on Supermarket Sweep.”

What a payoff. That one actually made this author laugh out loud. Next up, Entertainment Weekly asks Trebek who his “favorite Barker’s beauty” from The Price Is Right is. This, of course, refers to the models who showcase parts of the famous game show the late Bob Barker hosted.

“Ooh…Dian Parkinson. She’s not on anymore,” Trebek reveals. This is Dian Parkinson (left):

Bob Barker, Dian Parkinson, and Janice Pennington during Bob Barker and Friends Sighting at Nicky Blair’s Restaurant – November 11, 1986 at Nicky Blair’s Restaurant in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

‘Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek: ‘I’m Just Smart’

Next up in Entertainment Weekly‘s “10 Stupid Questions,” the trade would ask Alex Trebek the question on everyone’s mind throughout his incredible tenure:

“Do you actually know all the answers to the Jeopardy! questions or do you have a cheat sheet?”

To which the icon would respond: “Of course I know all the correct responses….I’m just smart.”

If a Jeopardy! poster of Alex Trebek with this quote on it does not exist – it absolutely should.

Following that gem of a Q&A, EW then asks where Trebek would like to sit if he were a contestant on The Hollywood Squares. To this, he answers “The upper left-hand corner. I like heights,” without hesitation. Who knew?

And last but not least (for the sake of this article), Entertainment Weekly asks a not-so-stupid question to round things out. “If you couldn’t host Jeopardy!,” they begin, “which game show would you have chosen?”

In perfect Trebek fashion, the Jeopardy! legend simply replies: “Any show in which as the host, I could sit down….”

For more from Alex Trebek‘s brilliant 1996 interview with EW, we’ve got you covered.