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‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Hilariously Addressed Women With ‘Crushes’ on Him

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The popularity of Jeopardy! created a legion of fans for the game show and its late iconic host Alex Trebek. Along with that includes numerous women who just can’t seem to get enough of all things Trebek, especially his signature mustache.

While making an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show in 2014, the sports broadcaster asked Trebek about Jeopardy! groupies. Believe it or not, there was such a thing during his time on the game show. Trebek’s intelligence and wit paired with his impeccable wardrobe made him quite the catch to some.

His wife, Jean, who he married in 1990 likely didn’t appreciate his admirers, but Trebek seemed to laugh them off more than anything. He pointed out that there’s a certain age range of the groupies. In addition, there was one feature of his in particular that the women couldn’t get enough of.

For years, Alex Trebek had a thick mustache that became a trademark feature of the Jeopardy! host. However, he finally cut it in the early 2000s after having it for nearly 20 years on-air. Not everyone loved the change as he hilariously explained to Dan Patrick when he asked about the groupies.

“Yea, but they’re in their 60s and 70s,” Trebek said of Jeopardy! groupies. “A lot of them want me to have the mustache back. And we have a surprise in store for them as the new season begins.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek’s Son Cried After He Shaved His Mustache

After Alex Trebek shaved off his mustache in 2001, his groupies weren’t the only people surprised about the change. His wife was left shocked, and their son even more so.

While speaking with The Archive of American Television that same year, Trebek recalled the uproar over the Jeopardy! host simply removing the hairs from his upper lip. Not only did media outlets cover the change to his appearance, but it didn’t go over so well at home either.

“I stood in the doorway and I said, ‘Hi guys’… We talked for a few minutes… for a few minutes more… and a few minutes more… And they didn’t even notice,” Trebek said emphatically.

“I had to say, ‘Do you notice anything different about dad today?’ Then Jean said, ‘Oh my God, you shaved your mustache!'” the Jeopardy! host continued.

“Matthew started to cry,” he recalled. “You do not mess with your children’s lives in that way.”

“It was just on a whim. And what amazed me afterwards… was the amount of press that got! It made newspapers and magazines everywhere!” he said. “I was surprised – and to a certain extent – appalled by this. I said, ‘My God, this is a television quiz show host shaving his mustache.'”