‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Hilariously Mocked Himself Alongside Will Ferrell in 2002 ‘SNL’ Sketch

by Thad Mitchell

Known for his intellect and class, Alex Trebek presided over the hit game show “Jeopardy!” for well over three decades.

A true entertainment industry giant, Trebek became a household name when he took over the “Jeopardy!” lectern in the 1980s. Operating with a great amount of skill and charm, Trebek was beloved by most everyone who watched his episodes of “Jeopardy!” Trebek passed away in November of last year after battling pancreatic cancer for some time. In true Alex Trebek fashion, he recorded his final episodes of “Jeopardy!” just days before his death at the age of 80. Trebek left behind a legacy of excellence that will live on forever in the hearts of Jeopardy! fans and those that knew him.

What some may not know about Alex Trebek is that he had a rather large sense of humor. It might have been tough to gather from his “Jeopardy!” appearances as he often came off as an extremely serious and even rigid man. But Trebek’s personality off-screen was that of a kind man who loved to laugh and make others laugh too. Some “Jeopardy!” contestants have even described Trebek as somewhat “goofy” and say that he would often crack jokes with them. There is perhaps there’s no better example of his sense of humor than his 2002 appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

Trebek’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance came on a popular skit called “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

‘Jeopardy!’ Gag On SNL Is A Big Hit With Fans

In the sketch, former SNL cast member Will Farrell plays the part of Alex Trebek hosting the “Celebrity Jeopardy!” match. The point of the popular bit was to poke fun at various celebrities by making them look incapable of answering questions. In the particular skit, Jimmy Fallon plays Dave Matthews, Winona Ryder plays Bjork and Darrell Hammond plays Trebek’s celebrity nemesis, Sean Connery.

Heading into Final Jeopardy!, the real Trebek makes his appearance alongside Farrell to say goodbye. It was Farrell’s final season with “Saturday Night Live” and one of the last times he would impersonate Trebek on “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

As the two stand side by side, Hammond’s Connery comes up behind them to poke fun of Farrell’s Trebek one last time. After making a joke at his expense, Trebek dispatches him back to his podium.

“Back off Connery,” he jokingly says. “I don’t have to take that to you.”

The sketch ends with Farrell, Trebek and Hammond saying “good night” and waving to the audience.