‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Alex Trebek Listed Off Things ‘Fans Should Know’ About Him in 2016 Interview

by Chris Haney

In 2016, legendary Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek opened up about his personal life and shared some little-known facts about himself that fans may not know.

In January of that year, the longtime host of the game show spoke with The Saturday Evening Post. In a segment titled “3 Questions for Alex Trebek,” the trivia show host answered three short questions. Trebek was a fairly private celebrity considering he became a household name on Jeopardy!. The famous host manned the podium since 1984 until he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and passed away in November 2020.

Yet in the 2016 interview, Trebek revealed some details about his life off-the-set of Jeopardy!. The reporter asked Trebek what his fans should know about his life off of the game show. In fact, if you were in the Los Angeles area, you may have even run into the iconic host at your local Home Depot.

“I’m not going to dispel the notion of viewers that I am this brilliant human being,” Trebek said to The Saturday Evening Post. “But the truth is, if I were a contestant I could never get my hand on the button in time. Maybe fans should know I like to fix things around the house when they break and I shop at Home Depot. They should know I am highly competitive, but more with myself than others.”

In addition, Trebek went on to share his love for reading a good book. The host even says he enjoys books as a form of entertainment more so than anything on television.

“I’m always trying to better myself. I try to read more. When I was a kid, I would read and get so excited I just couldn’t wait to get to the next page. Reading a book can provide a level of enjoyment that television can’t seem to do on a regular basis.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek’s Real Name

Jeopardy! fans may have found out something new about Alex Trebek‘s personal life in that 2019 interview. However, did you know Alex Trebek isn’t the iconic game show host’s real name?

In 1940, the Canadian-American was born in Ontario, Canada. His mother, a French-Canadian named Lucille Lagacé, gave birth to her son on July 22. His father, a Ukrainian immigrant George Edward Trebek, also helped raise Trebek in a bilingual home. Both Trebek and his sister grew up speaking French and English in their Canadian household.

Admittedly the famous Jeopardy! host’s legal name isn’t far off from his more well-known and shortened Hollywood name. Trebek took on the first name of his father, and uses the shorter version of his legal middle name as his forename. Additionally, the only part of the host’s name that stayed untouched is his last name.

According to Trebek’s Britannica bio, the game show host’s full legal name is: George Alexander Trebek.

Even though George Trebek or even Alexander Trebek is close to what we’re used to, it still doesn’t have the same ring to it. After decades on the game show, it’s hard to comprehend another name for Alex Trebek. Considering his long and iconic career on Jeopardy!, he obviously made the right decision about his Hollywood name.