‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Made a Hilarious Cameo on a Sci-Fi Classic Series

by Thad Mitchell

The host of hit game show Jeopardy! for 36 years, Alex Trebek became a household name for his intelligence and sophistication.

While he had those two qualities is droves, the longtime Jeopardy! host also had a good-sized sense of humor. Former contestants on Jeopardy! say Trebek was a funny and somewhat “goofy” guy who often cracked jokes off air. He was also not above poking a little fun of himself as evidenced in his 2002 Saturday Night Live cameo. Always an excellent interview, Trebek combined a great blend of knowledge and humor to become one of the most liked persons in show biz.

As Jeopardy! collected more and more fans during Trebek’s tenure, he became more and more in demand. Several television shows and movies sought out Trebek for a part or cameo in their production, knowing he would be a big draw. He didn’t do a ton of television or film parts. But he gave it all when he took on a role, no matter how small the part ways. Trebek made memorable appearances on shows like “Cheers,” “The Simpsons” and “The Golden Girls.” He was also in the 1992 hit film “White Men Can’t Jump.”

Trebek most often appeared as himself when called upon to be in a television show or movie. One of his more little-known cameos came in the Sci-Fi classic television show “The X-Files.”

Alex Trebek Guest Starred on ‘The X-Files’

His X-Files appearance came in the show’s third season in an episode dubbed “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.”

In the episode, he is one of the two “Men in Black” who visit FBI special agent, Fox Mulder. The other “Man in Black” is none other than former professional wrestler and political figure Jesse Ventura. Talk about a strange encounter — how would you like to be visited by that duo who are dressed in all black. It isn’t specified if the Jeopardy! host is playing himself or not, but the implication is that it is indeed Alex Trebek — or at least someone who looks just like him. The thought of Trebek and Ventura as spies from outer space is enough to make one burst with laughter.

Trebek passed away late last year after a battle with pancreatic cancer. In his place, Jeopardy! is implementing well-known celebrities to act as the show’s emcee.

Earlier this week, Jeopardy! officials announced a sizeable donation to the Alex Trebek Center in Northridge, California. The center aims to assist homeless individuals by providing room and board.