‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Praised His Kids For Traits He ‘Did Not Have at Their Age’ in 2019 TV Special

by Josh Lanier

Late Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek was proud that his children learned compassion at a much earlier age than he did. He said he was very happy that his three kids understood they have a duty to help others and give back.

The late Jeopardy! host opened up about his life in a 2019 profile. In it, he discussed watching his children mature faster than he did at their age.

“I think they have learned by watching,” Trebek said. “My son, (who is) sitting in the other room, I’m very proud of him because both he and his sister Emily have achieved elements of compassion in life that I don’t think I had at their age. And I don’t know if they got it from me or from their mother, who is an extremely wonderful human being, but they have it, and I’m so proud that they do have it.”

Trebek said he didn’t begin wanting to give back until the 1980s when he saw photos of the Ethiopian famine. The stick-thin children and men and women on the verge of starvation compelled him to do something. He began working with World Vision and making trips to the African nation to help deliver food and aid.

Trebek commented on how grateful he felt while on those trips and how heartbreaking life can be as well.

“A woman — it was food distribution day at this complex — and she wasn’t one of the ones who were lucky enough to be able to get the food,” he recalled of one trip. “And she came to me with her baby and wanted me to take her baby. ‘Take my baby. Please, adopt my baby, become the father.” I mean heartbreaking stuff.”

Trebek Daughter Raises Money for Cancer Research

The longtime Jeopardy! hosts’ oldest daughter, Nicky Trebek, announced earlier this year that she would take part in a pancreatic cancer fundraiser on May 1. Alex Trebek passed away from pancreatic cancer in November. Nicky started the fundraiser to honor his memory.

She posted about the event on Instagram and how people can help raise money to, hopefully, someday eradicate the disease.

“Among the great memories I have of my dad (Alex Trebek) once he was diagnosed was going to Purple Pride LA in 2019,” she says. “Seeing all the people impacted by pancreatic cancer and hearing their stories was so important. It’s vital to raise awareness. That’s why I created my own Team Nicky Trebek for purple pride 2021!”

Nicky goes on to explain why she created her team and explains how others can participate.

“It’s a virtual event this year, so you can participate however you want from wherever you are,” she says. Trebek also includes a link where donations can be made.