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‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Revealed Activity, Professions that Give People Best Chance to Win on Show in 2012

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Mathew Imaging/ Getty Images)

When it comes to Jeopardy!, any tips help, so listen closely to what profession Alex Trebek said will give contestants the best leg up on the competition.

Jeopardy! is already as competitive as it gets, so some insider help is always appreciated.

Highlighting Best Contestants

Alex Trebek once joined CBS for an interview in 2012 on the best Jeopardy! secrets. If you love Jeopardy! and are still trying to decide on a career path, maybe consider these a little more. Also, skip Netflix. We have something better.

“People who read a great deal tend to do better than others,” explains Trebek. “Doctors, lawyers– Not doctors. Lawyers, teachers, and students tend to do well, again because they read a great deal.”

Furthermore, the best profession in the world (yes, we may be a little biased) performs well on the popular game show. Alex Trebek also reveals that people with quick reaction times tend to join the winner’s circle.

“Journalists also. We discovered that, of course, in our power players tournament in Washington last week, but people who are used to thinking on their feet. They have to come back with correct responses to people who quiz them and answer spur of the moment.”

But there is an art to the show. Once you get the hang of the rhythm and start getting the beat down, Jeopardy! contestants relax and do much better. Remember, you can’t rush perfection… but you can put a little pace behind it.

“There is definitely a rhythm, and a lot of people worry about that signaling device, and I tell them, ‘Don’t worry. As soon as you come up with a correct response, you gain in confidence. If you get the next correct response in that category, you own that category’ and the other people, your two opponents, suddenly back off a little and say, ‘that’s his category.”

Alex Trebek in School

However, intelligence isn’t everything. Just ask Alex Trebek. He revealed that the more school he went through, the worse his grades got.

“Well, I used to be. As the years went by, and unfortunately for me, my two children discovered some of my old report cards. As the years went on through college, my grades kept going down. I was just too tired, I was working to pay for my college education. I didn’t want to be in school.”

So, maybe you weren’t a straight-A student. We don’t judge. Just know that even you can potentially become one of the best and most beloved hosts on television. We miss you, Alex Trebek.