‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Revealed His ‘Breakfast of Champions’ Was Wild Junk Food Combo

by Chris Haney

Although most think of Alex Trebek as the intelligent, witty host of Jeopardy! for decades, it’s a good thing he wasn’t anyone’s personal chef in the mornings. If Trebek served you his “breakfast of champions,” your meal would hilariously be ready in 30 seconds or less.

The late game show host would simply unwrap a Snickers bar and put it on your plate. Then he’d pop the tab of a Diet Pepsi and set it down for you to wash down your chocolate bar. Voila! Breakfast is served – Trebek style.

Although it seems like a joke, it’s not. When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2014, a simple question garnered a shocking dietary response from the Jeopardy! host. “What’s your health regimen like?” the reporter asked Trebek.

The longtime game show host‘s response is amusing and playful and reminds us of Trebek’s light-hearted personality. At the same time, his breakfast regimen seems, well, pretty crazy to say the least.

“People often ask, they say, ‘You appear to be in good shape, do you work out?’ I say, ‘No.’ ‘Do you diet?’ ‘No.’ ‘Do you eat well?’ ‘Well, sort of,’ but my breakfast of champions for years was a Snickers and a Diet Pepsi,” Trebek hilariously explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

In 2013, a nutritionist convinced the Jeopardy! host to change his diet. We’ll graciously call it a parallel “change.”

“This past year I ran into a nutritionist who said, ‘Oh, Alex that’s terrible! You’ve got to be eating better than that at the start of the day.’ So I changed. I stopped eating Snickers and Diet Pepsi and I replaced them with Milky Ways and Diet Cokes. So you’re not going to catch me eating properly in the mornings. I do have a good solid dinner every evening,” Trebek noted.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Shared Insight Into Who Should Replace Him

During the same 2014 interview, Alex Trebek got a bit more serious when discussing his eventual replacement. Ever since he passed away in November 2020, Jeopardy! has utilized a rotating list of guest hosts to head the show.

No permanent host has been announced yet. But the show has chosen similar interim hosts compared to some of the descriptions Trebek mentioned seven years ago when talking about who could be his replacement.

“I mean, someone like Brad Rutter, who was a contestant in our Battle of the Decades tournament. He’s got a good sense of humor and certainly broad-based knowledge that will help him immensely. And he has the credentials — he’s won two of our big tournaments: 1 million and 2 million dollars. So somebody like Brad,” Trebek said to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although Rutter hasn’t guest-hosted the show, another Jeopardy! champion has. Ken Jennings – who still holds a 74-game win streak record – was Jeopardy!‘s first guest host back in January. In addition, Trebek shared some more options for his possible replacement. Interestingly enough, he thinks weathermen would have a particularly good chance of being successful on the game show.

“It could be a young broadcaster in another part of the country, it could be someone who follows in the footsteps — someone like Pat Sajak, starting out as a weatherman,” Trebek added. “Weathermen, interestingly enough, as I travel the country, I discovered that so many of the local stations, when they have their news crew doing their early-evening news, the ones on staff who do best — because they play, they watch Jeopardy! while it’s airing — the ones who do best are the weathermen, the weather people, men and women.”