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‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Revealed ‘The Brady Bunch’ Character He’d Root for on Game Show

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Alex Trebek has hosted plenty of celebrities on Jeopardy! over the years. From Neil Patrick Harris to Aaron Rodgers, stars demonstrated their trivia skills–or sometimes, lack thereof–on the game show.

When it comes to characters, though, Entertainment Weekly asked the late host which Brady daughter he would like to see win the show. Here’s the story of a lovely host who chooses his favorite Brady Bunch daughter to win on Jeopardy!

The Brady Girls and Their Strengths

Although all three Brady girls have their strengths, one is definitely better than the others, depending on the situation. If there’s an election you need to win, Marcia’s your girl. With her popularity and interpersonal skills, there’s not a single person that Marcia couldn’t persuade to vote for you.

If you’re looking for a classic and defining hairstyle, better give Cindy a call. Those cute curls, bows and braids were the staple of Cindy Brady’s style and personality.

Need someone to keep you grounded? Have a little talk with Jan. Her sass and straightforward attitude will give you just the dose of reality you need.

When it comes to competing on Jeopardy! though, it’s debatable. All the Brady girls are intelligent in their own ways. But host Alex Trebek was confident about his choice of contestant.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Chooses Between Jan, Marcia and Cindy

“Let’s go for Jan,” Trebek said. “She was always a little maligned, wasn’t she? I want to see everybody do well, and I think Jan needs a little encouragement.”

Trebek had a point. A result of the classic middle child situation, Jan often didn’t get the attention she deserved on the show or with fans. And with a popular older sister and adorable younger sister, no doubt Jan had a tough time finding her own identity.

If young Jan Brady ever did compete on Jeopardy!, Trebek would surely give her the confidence boost she needed. And with Jan’s quick wit and Trebek’s humor, there would definitely be some great on-air banter between the two.

For Marcia Brady, if she ever made an appearance on the trivia show, she might focus more on her outfit than she would preparing for the clues. Known to value looks over substance on the show, there’s a good chance she would walk away without any winnings.

As for Cindy, it’s likely we would all chalk her up to being too young for most of the questions. Because she was the youngest Brady daughter, she often got away with being immature and naive. If she joined Trebek on the show, she’d likely have her doll in tow.

Although Entertainment Weekly admits this was a silly question to ask the beloved Jeopardy! host, the answer nonetheless demonstrates Trebek’s kind heart and consideration for all the contestants he saw on his show.