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‘Jeopardy!’: Anderson Cooper Explains How Journalism Career Prepared Him for Guest-Hosting Role

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

Anderson Cooper is set to step up to the iconic Jeopardy! lectern for the next two weeks. He is the latest in a long line of guest hosts since Alex Trebek’s tragic passing last November. Cooper says that his career in journalism has prepared him for the role.

Long before Anderson Cooper ever thought about being a Jeopardy! guest-host, he was a journalist. He got his start in the early nineties with Channel One. The news agency broadcasts to high schools and junior high schools around the country. He started as a fact-checker. However, he wanted to be a reporter. So, he forged a press pass and started recording his own on-the-ground news stories. He was later able to sell some of those stories to Channel One. Later, he landed a job at ABC.

Since 2001, the current Jeopardy! guest-host has been the host of his own show, Anderson Cooper 360°. At the same time, he reports for 60 Minutes. During Hurricane Katrina and the 2016 Haiti earthquake, Cooper was on the ground reporting on the devastation brought on by nature.

In a Jeopardy! Guest-Host interview, Anderson Cooper discussed how his long career in journalism has prepared him to host the iconic quiz show.

Anderson Cooper Is Ready for Jeopardy!

When asked how his career as a journalist prepared him for the Jeopardy! guest-host gig, Cooper said that the two were actually very similar. As a reporter, Anderson Cooper spends much of his day reading and researching. That level of research is much the same as the level of research that goes into both presenting and competing on the iconic show.

Furthermore, Anderson Cooper said that there you need a wide base of knowledge to be a successful journalist. The same is true for Jeopardy!. Contestants, showrunners, and hosts alike. They all have to have a vast array of facts at their fingertips.

Later in the interview, Anderson Cooper said that folks in the news industry have a leg up when it comes to competing on Jeopardy!. This is because they collect knowledge on a daily basis just by doing their jobs. They have to follow politics, world events, and governments. There is a chance that any number of things from those fields could show up as a hint on the quiz show.

Anderson Cooper knows a thing or two about how well journalists do on Jeopardy!. He has competed on the show four times over the years.