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‘Jeopardy!’: Anderson Cooper Posts Unbelievably Adorable Pic of Baby Son Watching His First Episode

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Anderson Cooper’s stint as the Jeopardy! guest host began tonight, April 19. So, he shared his thoughts on social media about the first guest hosting episode.

As the episode began airing, Cooper seemingly was sent a picture from his wife. The picture was far too cute for him not to share. Cooper shared a picture of his son watching his dad stand behind the Jeopardy! podium.

Cooper’s son, Wyatt, turns one later this month. Evidently, the Cooper household has a strict television-watching policy. The guest host of Jeopardy! said, “Wyatt has never seen me on tv before, and he likely won’t for a long while, but apparently he caught a bit of me on @Jeopardy!”

So, it seems that Wyatt Cooper won’t be enjoying any more television soon. At least, the subtitles were on the screen to help him with his reading. However, he continued with the caption, saying that, “It was a dream come true to be guest hosting, and to pay tribute to #AlexTrebek and raise money for @hashaiti.”

Anderson Cooper Hopes That His “Jeopardy!” Guest Stint Is “Ok”

Recently, Anderson Cooper has been talking a lot about his time on Jeopardy! He said that the experience was unlike anything he has done before. But, he is still worried that he might not live up to the standard that Alex Trebek set.

This is surely a common sentiment for most of the Jeopardy! guest hosts. The game show has lost a lot of viewers since the end of Ken Jennings’ stint. So, Cooper knows that a lot is riding on his time behind the podium.

Nonetheless, he posted a different picture to his social media earlier today of him on set. He gave a long note as part of the post.

“Tonight is the first night I guest host on Jeopardy! I rarely get nervous, but I definitely was the first moment I stood behind Alex Trebek’s podium,” Cooper said. “It was a great honor and very moving for me. I have watched @Jeopardy since I was in high school (back when I had brown hair.)”

He continued, saying, “I am such a fan of the show and miss watching Alex, who was the perfect host and conducted himself with such intelligence, humor, and grace. I will be on for the next two weeks, April 19-30th. I hope I do ok.”

With years behind the desk as a news anchor, Cooper is definitely set up for success. Additionally, he will likely bring some numbers back to the show. He is one of the most anticipated guests to get their shot at guest-hosting for Jeopardy!