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‘Jeopardy!’ Announces Jaw-Dropping Charity Donation Amount from Anderson Cooper Run

by Jon D. B.
(Eric McCandless via Getty Images) ANDERSON COOPER

Anderson Cooper‘s second week hosting Jeopardy! alone brought in a remarkable amount for his charity of choice, besting his first week by tens of thousands.

All in all, CNN’s Anderson Cooper saw tremendous results from his guest-hosting tenure. The stand-in for Jeopardy!‘s late, great Alex Trebek is a lifelong fan of the show. As such, he gave his all to ten episodes worth of taping, and it shows.

Friday, Jeopardy! announced the total charity earnings for Cooper’s second week, and they’re beyond impressive.

“A total of $138,197 has been raised for @justicedefends during @andersoncooper’s final week as guest host!” the game show reveals via Twitter.

Speaking to his second charity of choice, Justice Defenders, Jeopardy! says “The funds will enable Justice Defenders to train more people in prison to become paralegals and get law degrees, to ensure everyone has access to a fair hearing.”

Way to go, Mr. Cooper! A worthy cause, indeed, and one perfectly in line with the journalist’s history.

Anderson Cooper Bests First Week of ‘Jeopardy!’ Charity by Tens of Thousands

Jeopardy!s Justice Defenders $138,197 donation is remarkable on any level. When comparing to his first week’s run, however, the results are even more impressive.

“A total of $118,000 has been raised for @hashaiti during @andersoncooper’s first week as guest host,” the game show announced last Friday via their official Instagram account.

If you’re just now catching up with Cooper’s time on “Jeopardy!”, the CNN journalist’s first chosen charity was nonprofit organization Hôpital Albert Schweitzer. HAS has been serving Haiti’s Artibonite Valley with 24/7 health care through its “131-bed hospital and 4 community health centers” for a remarkable 65+ years now.

Celebrating the massive donation amount after just one week with Cooper, the organization itself added that “It’s been an amazing week watching along as the contestants on Jeopardy! put in their best efforts to answer some very hard questions for a $118,000 gift to HAS!⁠”

Tallying his two weeks against one another shows a huge $20,197 increase in charity. Most shows will never donate this much to charity in an entire run, let alone being a single dividend between weeks!

To this end, Jeopardy! has absolutely made the best of their guest hosts’ runs, and will continue to do so. Currently, Bill Whitaker of “60 Minutes” is set to take the podium. Whitaker has been with the respected news program since March of 2014, and is the 2018 winner of the RTDNA’s highest honor, the Paul White Award for career achievement.

Keep the good times and the massive charity amounts rolling, Jeopardy!