‘Jeopardy!’ Announces Massive Charity Donation After Anderson Cooper’s First Week as Guest Host

by Jon D. B.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has already raised a remarkable amount during his first week as guest host of “Jeopardy!” – and has the whole of next week to double or better it!

What a start for Anderson! Cooper did a terrific job hosting his first week of “Jeopardy!”, for which the lifelong fan of the game show admitted several times over he was “very nervous.”

Nerves or no nerves, Cooper’s inaugural week saw fantastic winnings for contestants. This means “Jeopardy!” is matching the amount for the guest host’s charity of choice, as they’ve done with every host so far.

“A total of $118,000 has been raised for @hashaiti during @andersoncooper’s first week as guest host,” the game show announced Friday via their official Instagram account.

If you’re just now catching up with Cooper’s stint on “Jeopardy!”, the CNN journalist’s chosen charity is nonprofit organization Hôpital Albert Schweitzer. HAS has been serving Haiti’s Artibonite Valley with 24/7 health care through its “131-bed hospital and 4 community health centers” for a remarkable 65+ years now.

Celebrating the massive donation amount after just one week with Cooper, the organization adds “It’s been an amazing week watching along as the contestants on Jeopardy! put in their best efforts to answer some very hard questions for a $118,000 gift to HAS!⁠”

“Please help us continue to make a game changing difference,” HAS continues in their own Instagram post. Both “Jeopardy!” and HAS’s posts share the same celebratory image of Cooper, which you can see below:

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Have Strong Opinions About Anderson Cooper

So far, only one guest host – we’re looking at you, Dr. Oz – has spurned controversy. All others, however, have gone over without a hitch. As Anderson Cooper enters his second week of hosting, fans are using the celebration of his first week’s earnings as a chance to let the world know how they feel. This is, after all, the internet.

“👎🏻Bring back Rodgers,” the top comment reads on Friday’s Instagram post. Another user echoes this, responding to the announcement with “Rodgers has been the best host thus far. Cant wait to see how Burton matches up!”

Indeed, “Jeopardy!” fans seemed to love Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ tenure as guest host. Cooper does have his own fans, too, though.

“Anderson should be the next host. He’s great!” the fourth comment reads. Followed by a similar “Anderson is doing a great job!”

Others are praising Cooper as an “amazing as guest host,” saying the journalist is “very engaging with contestants.”

Outsider, however, remains curious to see the ratings for Cooper’s stint. Every guest host since Ken Jennings has taken “Jeopardy!” ratings down. And if the show keeps losing viewers, it could be in trouble for the first time in history. Clearly, the world misses Alex Trebek.