‘Jeopardy!’ Asks Fans What They Would ‘Add to the Museum of Bad Art’ in Themed Question

by Amy Myers

Jeopardy! asks followers on Twitter to act as art critics with the recent clue regarding the Museum of Bad Art. The show’s account posted a photo of the clue, which read, “‘Ferret in a Brothel’ and ‘Elvis Descending a Staircase’ are 2 of the terrible in MOBA, the Museum of this.” In the caption, the post asks “What would you add to the Museum of Bad Art?” While Jeopardy! usually asks Twitter follows to utilize their trivia knowledge, this time, they’re looking for a more comical response.

Located in Massachusetts, the Museum of Bad Art dedicates its space to “art too bad to be ignored.” Paintings like “Elvis Descending a Staircase,” which poorly depicts the late King of Rock n’ Roll in three distinct stages of his life, is a popular pull. The museum is also known for its punny assortment of collections, including “In the Nood,” “Poor Traits” and “Dopplehangers.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Respond to Twitter Prompt

Ask the world of Twitter, and you shall receive. Jeopardy! fans and followers were quick to add their submissions for the Museum of Bad Art in response to the show’s question.

The replies range from specific works of art the users unfortunately witnessed in person to whole genres of art thrown into the running.

One Twitter user offered, “Emotional abstract art. Spats of paint on canvas. Did the artist paint it or did a paint can spill?”

Several submitted “Dogs playing poker.”

Another Jeopardy! fan believed, “They should give @CrapTaxidermy an entire wing.”

The winner of the worst? We thought this one takes the poorly-made cake.

Game Show’s Twitter Tests Knowledge of All Kinds

Besides the Museum of Bad Art, Jeopardy! also posts trivia clues that celebrate the more widely appreciated works of art. One clue on the game show’s page asks, “The Philadelphia Museum of Art holds Edward Hicks’ 1816 painting of this Bible guy’s ark.”

Spoiler alert: most responding Twitter fans got the correct answer with “Who is Noah.”

Another recent Tweet focuses on geography knowledge with the clue: “The only state with a one-syllable name, it’s also the closest to Africa.”

If you got the correct answer, you probably have the main(e) idea.

Fans Can Use Trivia Knowledge to Win Sweepstakes

Jeopardy! also quizzes its Twitter fans on a more classic work in their ongoing sweepstakes. On June 14, the trivia show posted on its account that it will be offering trivia fanatics a chance to win an Alexa Echo Show 10 through Friday, June 25. In order to enter, followers can to correctly Retweet/comment on the original post with #JeopardyAlexaSweepstakes. Or, for those that like to test their knowledge, the official sweepstakes site asks a daily trivia question for entry.