‘Jeopardy!’ Asks Fans Which Channel They Watch Most in Snap of TV-Themed Board

by Chris Haney

On Monday evening, Jeopardy!‘s Twitter account showed off a picture of a television-themed game board, which may be a preview of some of tonight’s categories.

Monday’s episode will mark the debut of Bill Whitaker‘s Jeopardy! guest hosting run on the game show. He’s taking over for Anderson Cooper as the next celebrity interim host. For the next two weeks, Whitaker will take the reins. And Jeopardy!‘s social media team may have just revealed the first topics of Whitaker’s appearance.

The Jeopardy! game board is definitely set up for the first round of the show. The money ranges from $200 to $1,000, which are the values before they double in the next round. Double Jeopardy! rounds range from $400 to $2,000, and are contestants last chance to pad their earnings before Final Jeopardy!.

The preview of tonight’s topics are all based on television networks and channels. The six topics include, History, Comedy Central, The Food Network, “E”!, Vice, and a category simply named Channels. If there are any television junkies out of tonight’s three contestants, they may just have an advantage going into the show.

“Which channel(s) do you watch most?” Jeopardy! asked its fans on Twitter in preparation for tonight’s episode.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host’s Advice For Contestants

During a recent Jeopardy! exclusive interview, interim host Bill Whitaker opened up about his love for the game show. He also shared advice for contestants competing on Jeopardy!.

The 60 Minutes journalist is taking over hosting duties on Monday night. As Whitaker takes over the role for the next two weeks, he’s shared his thoughts on his love for the game show.

Whitaker and his wife often watch Jeopardy! together and try their hardest to collectively answer each clue. They even pause for each question and discuss it at length before answering. He calls Jeopardy! the couple’s “favorite show” and says they watch every night he’s home. Yet he joked that they often get the questions wrong, but that doesn’t stop them from coming back for more.

That’s why Whitaker says he admires Jeopardy!‘s contestants. He calls them “amazing” and is in awe of their intelligence on such a vast array of topics.

“I don’t understand how they do what they do,” Whitaker says of the Jeopardy! contestants. “It’s really amazing.”

Whitaker also shared some tips for interested contestants. In his opinion, reading, watching the news, and keeping up with current events may give you a leg up on the competition.

“Just read. Be involved, be engaged. Watch the news, watch 60 Minutes. Know what’s going on in the world. I think that’s what makes you a good contestant,” he explained.