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‘Jeopardy!’ Big Winner Reveals Why She Did Not Study Before Appearing on Show

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

On Friday, May 7, and again on Monday, May 10, a woman took home a lot of money from Jeopardy! including both days’ winnings, Juliet Mayer went home with $53,200.

The 24-year-old was ecstatic with how she played through the two days, saying that she “played a strong game on Monday.” As she played extremely well, she was crowned as the game show champion both days.

Similar to other people who are hopeful of playing on the show, she filled out an online test to join Jeopardy! Mayer filled out the test in 2020 and finally got a Zoom interview last September. She turned down an in-person interview for safety reasons.

Eventually, she got the call to come on the iconic game show. Her father, Paul Mayer, was incredibly proud of her, saying, “It’s one thing to know the answers. It’s another to do it under pressure.” It stands to reason that she likely prepared a ton for the game show. However, she said that she didn’t “study” at all for it.

Even though her boyfriend prepared flashcards to study with, she decided that it was too overwhelming. Instead, she said, “I thought if I tried to study too much, it would just freak me out.”

How the “Jeopardy!” Contestant Did so Well Without Preparing for the Game Show

Once Mayer got to the show, she thought she would be incredibly nervous, but that wasn’t the case. “You get in the zone,” she described. “You get so focused you don’t think about anything else.” When her turn came to be on Jeopardy!, she was antsy to get going. Mayer said that after waiting around while the game show taped another episode, she was ready to play.

During her episodes, she was cruising to victory. Even though there were a few slip-ups along the way, she blew the other contestants out of the water. During the final Jeopardy! question on U.S. history, she lost $1,000. Nonetheless, she still won.

Despite not studying for the game show, Mayer’s strategy was rock solid. She explained that she chose categories that complimented her existing knowledge. Her base knowledge was already excellent. According to Ann-Charlotte Robinson, she earned a perfect score on her SAT and was valedictorian of her high school.

Robison also said that watching the show was a treat for her. “We have always known that we would hear great things from Juliet, and am so interested to see that she is going into public health policy where she will surely make a significant difference in her future. It’s also great to see her enjoying herself and fulfilling this dream she shared with her dad!’

Mayer said that she will be putting most of her money in savings. But, she did say that she would like to use some for a vacation and fun expenditures like new clothes.

The Jeopardy! winner also added a hilarious little piece of advice for future contestants. “Don’t wear heels! My feet were killing me by the end of the day, and no one can tell how tall you are anyway.”