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Brayden Smith, Alex Trebek’s Last Great ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ, Dead at 24

by Evan Reier
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

On Friday, the death of Brayden Smith, a recent Jeopardy! champ and one of the last stars of Alex Trebek’s tenure as host, was announced.

Smith reportedly died at the age of 24 last Friday, February 5, with details on the cause of death not yet known. Smith died in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

During his championship run on Jeopardy!, Smith totaled 5 wins and amassed $115,000 in his wins. Per TMZ, the young champ was known for playing like another iconic champ, James Holzhauer. Both were not afraid to place large bets, and also seemed to gravitate toward the “Daily Double” special.

For example, Brayden Smith once hit 9 “Daily Doubles” in succession during the run, which is a streak that Jeopardy! had rarely seen.

In the replies to the above tweet, one user, @SeanRohacik, called Smith a last gift to Trebek.

“Glad Brayden was a last gift to Alex of some sorts that he got to watch him play.”

However, his most notable association will be how he earned the respect and admiration of Alex Trebek. Smith made his run during Trebek’s last run of hosting, before the TV legend died on November 8 of 2020.

A user, @VinceCorvaia, highlights this with his reply as well.

“You can see the admiration on Trebek’s face as Brayden plays. I think Trebek wishes he could adopt him.”

Further, Trebek would even call Smith “Billy Buzzsaw” due to the tenacious manner in which he was able to win on the show.