‘Jeopardy!’: Buzzy Cohen Detailed Rigorous Preparation Before Guest-Hosting Show

by Chris Haney

Over the weekend, Jeopardy! shared an exclusive interview with guest host Buzzy Cohen where he opened up about preparing to take over the game show.

The former Tournament of Champions victor was appropriately named to the interim role for this year’s tournament. While speaking from the Jeopardy! stage recently, he shared some insight into his two-week stint on the show. Cohen calls the gig a “dream come true” and said it’s “such a big moment” in his life.

After winning the 2017 Tournament of Champions, the new guest host is back in the studio once again. However, he’s behind a different podium this time around. He said it’s been an honor to fill in for the irreplaceable Alex Trebek, but there was also a lot of work to be done.

Although Trebek made hosting look effortless, it’s not as easy for a newcomer. Cohen explained that one of the keys to his preparation was working on his stamina. In addition, the Jeopardy! staff helped him with all the nuances of the game show.

“I prepared very intensely,” Cohen shared. “Like a lot of people I hadn’t really been doing that much activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. So I started working out to get my stamina up. I know how long these tape days are and how focused and attentive the host really needs to be. You’re reading clues, you’re directing traffic, you’re refereeing, you’re giving color commentary. So you’ve gotta be really focused and have your stamina up.”

“I did a lot of work on that. And the Jeopardy! crew gave me a lot of help with my clue reading and all the other little things that look effortless when Alex Trebek would do it, but actually are really hard to do,” he added.

‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Begins Later Tonight

Jeopardy! legend Buzzy Cohen is gearing up for the first episode of this year’s Tournament of Champions, which kicks off Monday night. On Sunday, the guest host of the annual event shared his excitement for the tournament in a video Jeopardy! posted to their Twitter account.

Even Alex Trebek himself would’ve appreciated Jeopardy! selecting Cohen to guest host. The late game show host gave Cohen the nickname “Mr. Personality,” so we can expect he’ll bring some charisma to the podium.

“The only thing better than winning, is crowning the next winner,” Cohen says in the clip, referencing his own ToC victory.

“It all starts tomorrow! You won’t wanna miss it!” Cohen captioned his tweet.

The yearly tournament features 15 of the top Jeopardy! champions from this past season. The players will be competing for a staggering $250,000 grand prize. Make sure to tune in to see how everything plays out in this year’s Tournament of Champions.