‘Jeopardy!’: Buzzy Cohen Detailed His ‘Rituals’ Along with Alex Trebek in Video Ahead of Guest-Hosting Show

by Halle Ames

Jeopardy takes to social media to highlight Buzzy Cohen’s rituals he shared with Alex Trebek ahead of his guest-hosting stint.

Former Jeopardy champion Buzzy Cohen is returning to the popular game show to guest-host the upcoming Tournament of Champions. The elite competition will air on Monday, May 17, through May 28.

Buzzy Cohen and Alex Trebek Memories

According to the Jeopardy website, Alex Trebek gave Buzzy Cohen the nickname “Mr. Personality” in 2016, which has stuck with him over the years and has become a fan favorite. Cohen won over $164,603 throughout nine episodes on Jeopardy.

He was invited back to the show in 2017 and proceeded to win the Tournament of Champions. As of 2019, he was named team captain for the All-Star Games. Since serving as host, Buzzy Cohen will not be eligible to return as a contestant.

“You know, I do have a couple of little rituals,” says Cohen.

The video cuts to an old clip of beloved Jeopardy host for more than 36 years, Alex Trebek. Trebek joked about how Cohen has a good luck ritual he performed after each win.

“When he started winning on the program, he would, you know, touch something different each day,” said Trebek. “When you saw today, the last thing he touched was his eyebrows. He only has one eyebrow to go. Then who knows, where will he go? He’s running out of body parts.”

The clip cuts back to Buzzy Cohen, who emotionally recalls talking to Trebek about his dream of hosting just as he had.

“I stood on this stage in my Tournament of Champions, and I told Alex I wanted a shot to host,” Cohen says, fighting back tears. “I mean, how many people just say, “This is a dream”. Especially for the Tournament of Champion, which means so much to me. I loved every minute of hosting the show, I can’t put it into words.”

Hunt for a Host

Alex Trebek, unfortunately, died after an 18 month battle with stage four pancreatic cancer in November of 2020. He was 80 years old. Since his passing, the show has been trying out hosts to find the right fit.

‘60 Minutes’ host Bill Whitaker just wrapped up his time as guest-host with plenty of competition to go before the permanent position is filled.

Another former Jeopardy champion is currently the frontrunner for the job, however. Ken Jennings, the first host to take over after Trebek’s death, is the fan favorite at this time. However, with so much talent to come, can anyone compare?