‘Jeopardy!’: Buzzy Cohen Left ‘Speechless’ Over Mashup Video Pairing His Guest Hosting Stint With Pop Song

by Clayton Edwards

Jeopardy! fans love Buzzy Cohen. He started his quiz show career with a winning streak back in 2016. Then, he came back for the Tournament of Champions. Throughout his time on the show, he let his personality shine. Cohen didn’t let the pressure of the competition make him forget that he was technically on a game show. So, he was having a great time while taking home stacks of cash. That attitude led him to be a favorite among fans of the iconic quiz show.

Lately, Buzzy Cohen’s Jeopardy! journey came full circle. He stepped up to the legendary lectern to host this year’s Tournament of Champions. His performance as host has fans all over the globe hoping he’ll be the full-time host when the time comes. One look at just about any post by the show’s official social media accounts will show you just how popular Buzzy is.

However, some fans are going a step further. Earlier today, Buzzy Cohen tweeted a video that combines clips from his guest-host stint with a popular song. That song is “Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo. Cohen shared the video with a one-word caption, “Speechless.”

Anyone who is familiar with Buzzy Cohen’s appearances on Jeopardy! knows that it takes a lot to render him speechless. This video was enough to do just that. To be fair, it’s a pretty impressive mashup. At the same time, it definitely came out of left field.

The Buzzy Cohen x Olivia Rodrigo Mashup

When you think of Jeopardy! and Buzzy Cohen, several things come to mind. That list would probably have to be pretty long to make it to “high energy pop-rock breakup anthems by Disney Channel actresses.” However, someone somewhere saw the connection.

On the other hand, the song is incredibly popular. It dropped on May 14. That was just days before the Tournament of Champions and Buzzy Cohen’s guest-hosting stint kicked off. At the same time, the song is a huge hit. It went to number-one in several markets, including here in the United States.

So, when Buzzy Cohen said, “Good for you,” on the show, one fan made the connection. The result is a hilarious combination of Cohen’s ToC moments and Rodrigo’s high-energy hit.

Scroll up and check out the video, if you need a laugh. Then, if you want to hear the original song, head over to YouTube and check out the full original video.