‘Jeopardy!’ Celebrates Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Robinson’s Birthday With Funny Story

by Thad Mitchell

As it has been known to do for decades, the game show Jeopardy! is commemorating a special event by sharing interesting facts with its watchers.

Today, Jeopardy! is remembering boxer Sugar Ray Robinson on his birthday. Widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time, Robinson would have turned 100-year-old today (May 3). Robinson competed in professional boxing from 1940 to 1965 and was a dominant figure during his 25-year stint in the sport. He reportedly fought in more than 200 boxing matches and was put in the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. He passed away in April 1989 at 67-years-old.

To commemorate Sugar Ray’s 100th birthday, Jeopardy! took to social media on Monday to share a story about the boxer. The Instagram post shares an image of the boxer being hoist into the air after a boxing victory. It also provides a hilarious comment from one of Robinson’s most common opponents.

“Happy birthday to Sugar Ray Robinson, who would have turned 100-years-old on this date,” the Jeopardy! post’s caption states.

Jeopardy! Shares Humorous Comment From Robinson Opponent

The image features a comment from the boxer’s longtime rival, Jake La Motta.

“World welterweight and middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson carried a career-long rivalry with boxer Jake La Motta, fighting him six times. La Motta once said, ‘I have fought Sugar Ray so often it is a wonder I don’t have diabetes.'”

Robinson was very successful during his time as a professional boxer, holding numerous titles throughout his career. He once went on a 91-match winning streak and was deemed one of the top boxers of all time by The Ring Magazine.

Much like Sugar Ray Robinson, Jeopardy! holds a standard for greatness as one of the most successful game shows of all time. A new host is set to take the reigns of the show with journalist Bill Whitaker stepping behind the podium today.

Whitaker will be the seventh Jeopardy! guest host since the passing of Alex Trebek late last year. He follows the likes of Ken Jennings, Mike Richards, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers and Anderson Cooper, who wrapped up his tenure just last week.

As previous guest hosts did, Whitaker will get two weeks as the host of Jeopardy! with his run ending on May 14. Jeopardy! will then enter into its annual Tournament of Champions with former contestant Buzzy Cohen handling host responsibilities.