‘Jeopardy!’ Celebrates ‘Earth Day’ With Wild Theory About Earth Once Looking Purple

by Thad Mitchell

Today (Thursday, April 22) is Earth Day and popular game show Jeopardy! is celebrating the holiday the best way they know how.

Jeopardy! is most known for its intense intellectual competition but the show also takes pride in providing knowledge for public consumption. Watch an episode of the quiz show and chances are high that you will learn something new. The same can be said for visiting the show’s social media pages, where interesting factoids and information are plenty. Jeopardy! social media accounts often put out facts related to particular events transpiring in the world — such as Earth Day.

In celebration of Earth Day, the Jeopardy! Instagram page releases an interesting and little-known theory about the planet we call home. The theory suggests that organism’s utilizing alternative energy sources could have made our planet a different color at one point in time.

“Happy Earth Day!” the post’s caption proclaims. “Celebrate and respect all that mother nature has to offer.”

Included in the Jeopardy! post is an image from Mental Floss, detailing the “purple earth” theory.

“Some scientists think early earth may have looked purple,” the image states. “Early photosynthetic organisms may have used a compound called retinal to make energy, instead of green-pigmented chlorophyll which would have given them a purple hue.”

It is hard to imagine a world of purple but scientists say they may have been the case.

‘Jeopardy!’ Search For Permanent Host Continues

Much like the earth, Jeopardy! has undergone several changes, especially recently with the passing of iconic host Alex Trebek. Instead of jumping straight into selecting a new permanent host, show officials are using celebrities in the position. Journalist Anderson Cooper is currently filling the role and will continue as host through next Friday. Journalist Bill Whitaker is set to take on the role once Cooper’s tenure is up. Others that will fill the hosting job in the coming weeks are former contestant Buzzy Cohen, actress Mayim Bialik, journalist Savannah Guthrie and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Jeopardy! recently released the list of names that will fill out the remainder of the show’s 37th season. LeVar Burton is the headliner but the list also includes journalist Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, sports broadcaster Joe Buck, and journalist David Faber.

Dates for the tenures of the recent list of upcoming hosts have yet to be revealed but will be in the near future.