‘Jeopardy!’ Celebrates ‘Man Who Brings Us Clues From Around the World’ in New Post

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Today, Jimmy McGuire of Jeopardy’s “Clue Crew” turns 55 years old. Jimmy has been on the show since 2001, so this 37th season marks his 20th year with the show. He has consistently brought energy and enthusiasm from different locations around the world. Jeopardy! celebrated McGuire’s birthday with a brand new Instagram post featuring a picture of their beloved clue deliverer.

“Today we celebrate the man who brings us clues from around the world,” the Jeopardy! The Instagram account posted. “Happy Birthday, Jimmy McGuire.”

Since 2001, the iconic gameshow’s “Clue Crew” has consisted of Jimmy McGuire and Sarah Whitcomb Foss. The two clue masters travel the world to deliver clues to the contestants. For instance, the two have recorded clues from all corners of the earth, including 300 cities and 46 countries. They have also delivered clues from all fifty states in the United States.

Jeopardy! created the “Clue Crew” in 2001. Both Sarah Whitcomb Foss and Jimmy McGuire have manned the team since its inception. Jeopardy! also includes a short bio of their clue-giver on their website.

“Jimmy McGuire is proud to be an original member of the Jeopardy! Clue Crew,” the Jeopardy! website reads. “Season 37 marks his 20th season with the show. His natural enthusiasm and innate curiosity are evident when he’s on camera, delivering clues from some of the world’s most fascinating destinations.”

Jeopardy! First Night with New Guest Host

Since Alex Trebek’s tragic death of pancreatic cancer in November of last year, Jeopardy! has announced several guest hosts that will attempt to fill his shoes. The first was Ken Jennings, who fans of the show absolutely adored. Jennings competed on the show and became the winningest contestant in the history of the show. He also became the highest-paid contestant on any game show.

Tonight, a new guest host will take the reins from Ken Jennings following his six-week stretch hosting Jeopardy!. Katie Couric, the long-time news anchor and co-founder of the Stand Up to Cancer Society will take her turn behind the podium. She even expressed her gratitude to Alex Trebek on Instagram before her first show. “

“This happened,” she wrote in her Instagram post along with a joking Jeopardy! style question. “A privilege to honor the extraordinary Alex Trebek.”