‘Jeopardy!’ Celebrates ‘National Trails Day’ With Wild Fact About Hiking in the Appalachians

by Chris Haney
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

If you didn’t know, Saturday is National Trails Day, and Jeopardy! took to Instagram to celebrate with an interesting fun fact about arguably the most famous trail in the United States.

National Trails Day is a countrywide service and advocacy movement that recognizes the benefits that federal, state and local trails provide to our citizens. Special events are held across the nation to pay tribute to the great outdoors and the beautiful landscapes that stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation for the many volunteers, park employees, and rangers who work on the trails.

Jeopardy! decided to acknowledge the national event on their social media page by sharing an interesting fact about the Appalachian Trail. The famous trail runs through 14 states up the East Coast from Georgia to Maine. For avid hikers and even beginners it’s a destination indeed whether you hike a short segment of it or tackle the entire 2,200-mile trek.

For the hikers that do make the full journey, they have a rather interesting comparison to size up their accomplishment. Let’s let Jeopardy! explain:

The comparison definitely helps you gauge just how challenging the full excursion can be. However, tons of Jeopardy! fans pointed out one somewhat amusing detail about the post in the comment section.

“It’s surprising that a trail, named after a mountain range, is mountainous?” one Instagram user wrote.

“As an Appalachian resident, I can confirm that the Appalachian Mountains are indeed mountainous,” another commented.

“Surprisingly? I figured since it basically follows the Appalachian Mountains it would be very mountainous,” a fan commented on Jeopardy!‘s post.

‘Jeopardy!’ Sports Fans Shocked as Contestants Can’t Name Pro Team

As we have just seen, Jeopardy! viewers aren’t exactly the most forgiving fans at times. Likewise, on Monday’s episode, many fans were stunned when all three contestants missed what seemed like an easy sports question.

The clue was under the “THERE IS AN ‘I’ IN TEAM” category. After picking the $1,000 box in the category, none of the three players even buzzed in after hearing the clue.

“Gordie Howe played for this NHL team from 1946 to 1971,” guest host Mayim Bialik read aloud.

The correct answer would have been, “Who are the Detroit Red Wings?” As Bialik pointed out, legendary host Alex Trebek would have been disappointed in the contestants. Howe was the late Canadian host’s favorite player.

“Gordie Howe was Alex’s favorite player,” Bialik explained before moving on to the next clue.

The iconic hockey player is one of the greatest of all time to grace the ice. To this day he still holds numerous NHL records and was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame in 1972.