‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Opens Up About Returning to Work

by Jonathan Howard

Now that her insane run on Jeopardy! is over, Amy Schneider is returning to her usual life. That means going back to work.

When you have a nice four-day weekend, it can be hard to go back to work on Monday. Imagine the first Monday back at the office after winning over $1 million on Jeopardy! She took plenty of time off from her usual gig and is now a celebrity. So, how does the 42-year-old feel about going back to her 9 to 5?

During her time on the show, Schneider took time off and even a leave of absence from her software engineering job. Sometimes you feel like you are going to miss something more than you end up missing it… that’s what happened with the Jeopardy! champ and her day job.

“I thought I was going to be more excited to get back to my day job than it turns out I have been,” she admitted when speaking with The New York Times.

It must feel a bit different after making tens of thousands of dollars in a single game to go and work for a salary or hourly wage. However, something tells me that she might move out of the engineering business. While it is a good career to have, Schneider has signed with a talent agency and looks to have plans now that she can spend a little bit of money here and there.

After all, Ken Jennings was able to turn his Jeopardy! run into a career of book writing, appearances, and more. James Holzhauer now has his very own game show and has made his own celebrity into a new career. So, what’s next for Amy?

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Interested in Writing a Book

One thing that a lot of folks would love to do, but few have the chance or resources to do, is writing a book. Novels, memoirs, autobiographies, all of it. So, it makes sense that Schneider would try to use her platform from Jeopardy! to start her own project.

“There has definitely been a lot of interest in my writing a book, and it’s something I’d love to do,” Schneider said. “My main focus right now is figuring out what exactly that book might look like; there are a lot of things I’m passionate about, so it’s a matter of narrowing all my ideas down into a coherent book. So, nothing concrete yet, but it’s something I hope to make happen.”

With all that she accomplished and all of the folks she inspired in her time on Jeopardy! Schneider will be able to reach a large audience. She became the winningest woman ever on the show and still has the Tournament of Champions still in front of her.