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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Explains her Unique ‘Superhero Alter Ego’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Here’s your clue for the day: This community college professor from Portland, Oregon won four games so far on Jeopardy!

If you guessed, “Who is Courtney Shah,” you’re correct! (But no cash prize, sorry.)

So far, Jeopardy! contestant Courtney Shah blew competitors out of the water with her four-day streak. She currently holds almost $80k in her bank, and something tells us she’s not ready to go home yet. As a history professor at Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington, it should be no surprise that Shah is so successful on Jeopardy!. Her livelihood depends on her ability to remember small yet critical details that shape a culture or country’s identity. With a speedy thumb on the buzzer, it was only a matter of time before Shah made it this far.

Besides her knack for button-pressing and little-known trivia questions, though, Shah admits to Jeopardy! guest host Dr. Sanja Gupta that she also has a superhero ability.

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Reveals Her Secret Identity

In Portland, Oregon, when the city is in distress, a superhero answers the call of the citizens. When a history question needs answering or a bench needs climbing, Blue Woman is there to save the day.

Yes, Blue Woman.

On a recent episode of Jeopardy!, guest host Dr. Gupta asked Courtney Shah about her “superhero alter ego.”

The contestant, coincidentally wearing a turquoise blouse, responded, “So when I was four or five, I started dressing in the same blue dress every day and carrying around a stick and jumping off of any high thing I could climb onto—a stump, a bench, whatever—and shouting, ‘Blue Woman!’ That was my superpower.”

The audience chuckled at the endearing story, and Dr. Gupta added, “Well, you have been a superhero this week as well.”

A Look Back at Some of Shah’s Winning Moments

With four days of trivia already under her belt, Courtney Shah’s highlight reel is becoming the length of a Jeopardy! episode by itself. However, Shah continues to keep us all impressed by nailing almost every one of the Final Jeopardy! clues since she first appeared. Her first and third final round victories were especially impressive.

On Shah’s first day on the show, the category for the final round was “monarchies.” The clue was: “The future Charles I suddenly became next in line to the throne of Austria in this year.”

Shah wagered just $4,000 of her $11,000 total, a smart and safe move for such a broad topic.

With the correct response of “What is 1914,” the history professor won the game. She finished day one with $15,400.

During her third day, Shah extended her winning streak with her knowledge of 20th century novels.

Her clue was “British biochemist J.B.S. Haldane’s essay on ectogenesis, birth outside the womb, helped inspire this 1932 novel.”

Shah, with more confidence than her first round, wagered a whopping $8,800 of her $10,200 total with the answer, “What is Brave New World.” The Jeopardy! contestant wore a triumphant smile as her three-day total rose to over $58k.

Now on her fifth day with $79,258, Courtney Shah—or rather, Blue Woman—doesn’t seem to be leaving her podium any time soon.