‘Jeopardy!’ Champ James Holzhauer Takes Jab at Ken Jennings in Hilarious Post

by Thad Mitchell

The annual Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions continues this week and a couple of past champions are getting into the act.

The playful ribbing between two of Jeopardy! all-time best continues as the two duke it out on social media. On Wednesday, it was former Jeopardy! winner James Holzhauer taking a shot at the Jeopardy! G.O.A.T. Ken Jennings. Of course, it’s all in good fun as the two game show champions have a friendly relationship outside of the show they both love. Holzhauer shares a photo of Jennings looking worried on his social media account that draws laughs from game show fans.

The image Holzhauer shares on his Twitter page shows Jennings looking worried about correctly answering a game show question. The image beside Jennings is quiz show regular Mark Labbett, more commonly known as “The Beast” on his The Chase show. On The Chase, Labbett is one of the “chasers,” a collection of the top game show competitors of all time. Both Holzhauer and Jennings have also appeared on The Chase as well.

Jeopardy! Champions Have Friendly Rivalry

Holzhauer, a professional sports gambler, is most known for his 32-game Jeopardy! winning streak in 2019. His streak ended later that year but he would return later in the season to win the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. During his initial run on the show, he set multiple single-game records for total cash winnings. He won just south of $2.5 million during his 2019 run, ranking him the second highest-earning contestant of all time behind only Jennings. He would be the runner-up in the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament in 2020 behind Jennings. Including his tournament winnings, Holzhauer collected nearly $3 million during his Jeopardy! run.

Jennings is most known for his 2004 Jeopardy! winning streak that saw him claim 74 straight matches. He’s also appeared on numerous other editions of the game show, including the “G.O.A.T.” last year. He won the tournament in convincing fashion, defeating Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

A Jeopardy! fan favorite, Jennings was the first guest host of the show upon the passing of longtime host, Alex Trebek. He did very well in the ratings, earning a 6.0 Nielsen ratings score during his six-week stint as host. That score makes him the highest-rated guest host of all the guest hosts who have completed their tenures. Jennings expects to receive consideration for the permanent Jeopardy! hosting gig once producers decide to take that route.

The annual Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions will conclude Friday.