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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Calls Out Jonathan Fisher for Getting ‘Unfair Free Pass’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

He may not be the reigning “Jeopardy!” champion anymore, but the spotlight is still very much shining on Matt Amodio.

Much like with other past “Jeopardy!” champions, Matt Amodio’s social media pages are now must-read material for fans. He joins the ranks of Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer as former champions that are heavily followed on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Also, like Holzhauer and Jennings, Amodio has a very strong sense of humor and a great personality. Many of his social media posts are meant to be humorous and poke fun at different aspects of life and the world of game shows.

“Jeopardy!” has a brand new champion on a hot streak of his own. Though he’s nowhere near Matt Amodio’s historic run, Jonathan Fisher is making history right in front of our eyes. Amodio took aim at Fisher and “Jeopardy!” writers in one of his most recent social media posts. He jokingly proclaims that Fisher “got a pass” during the “Jeopardy!” contestant introduction part of a recent episode.

“Totally unfair,” Amodio says in his tweet. “Jeopardy! just gives Jonathan Fisher a free pass on an anecdote? Meanwhile, I’m left flailing with “I listen to music sometimes” and “There was a bat. Did it do anything? No, it just sat there and then went away.”

In Matt Amodio’s defense, he appeared in 38 straight episodes before suffering his first loss in the 39th match. He lost to Fisher, who has now won a double-digit number o “Jeopardy!” episodes and he is looking for even more. The popular game show has never had this much back-to-back success before with competing champions. It promises to make for a very interesting Tournament of Champions in the near future. Fans are already rooting for an Amodio-Fisher showdown during the tournament.

“Jeopardy!” Has a New Champion on the Rise in Jonathan Fisher

Through 38 episodes, Matt Amodio struggled to come up with personal anecdotes near the end of his run. He can’t be blamed for that — can you come up with 38 special and interesting facts about yourself?

The “Jeopardy!” champion has a solid point with his criticism as Fisher did appear to be let off the hook easily. Instead of sharing something interesting about himself, host Mayim Bialik asks Fisher if he would like to face Amodio again.

“It would be amazing,” he says. “It’s one of the highlights of my life to be here but to also have played against Matt, so to get to do it again would just be icing on the cake.”

Jonathan Fisher will be going for another win against a fresh set of contestants later this evening. Matt Amodio will be rooting for him — to get a more difficult question during the introduction segment of tonight’s “Jeopardy!” episode.