‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Declares ‘Long Live’ Ken Jennings in Shout Out to Game Show Icon

by Jonathan Howard

Real recognizes real, as they say. That goes for Jeopardy! champions, too. Matt Amodio gave Ken Jennings the recognition he deserves. During his time on the show, Jennings made the title of ‘Jeopardy! Champion’ mean something.

His place as the GOAT was only solidified when he won the Greatest of All Time title last year in 2020.

While Amodio has had one of the best runs in the show’s history, he has done it through the roughest patch ever for the program. Of course, when lex Trebek passed no one knew what would be next for the long-running game show. However, few could have guessed what would actually happen this year. Through it all, Amodio still has time to thank the one who made it all possible on Twitter.

For diehard fans of Jeopardy! September 6th might as well be a holiday! Amodio pointed it out clearly and plainly in his tweet.

“On this day 17 years ago, Ken Jennings began Season 21 s a 38-day champion. He would go on to win another game or 36,” the current champion wrote. “We would have to wait until 2020 to see him crowned, but we all knew he was the #Jeopardy GOAT in 2004. Long live the [sic] Ken!”

Truly, what a special date in the history of game shows, not just Jeopardy! itself. Although I was just 7 years old at the time, Ken Jennings’ run as champion has to be the earliest memories I have of watching Jeopardy! Now, there are likely tons of kids watching Amodio with their family and friends making memories they will remember for years to come.

‘Jeopardy!’ Matt Amodio Wins Among Controversy

Put plainly, the last year has not been great for Jeopardy! In fact, it would be argued this is the worst stretch the show has endured since before Alex Trebek hosted. However, that has not stopped Matt Amodio. Through multiple guest hosts, he has battled. After the hosting change was originally made and then botched, he survived. Now, he waits for the next step along the way.

While Mike Richards was the man to be for all of a week, fans were not happy. It seemed that Richards had forced his way to the position. Others felt he just wasn’t qualified and not as likable as other hosts. Then, the controversy came. Comments from a previous podcast he appeared on proved to be too much. With other allegations of misogynistic and sexist comments from his time at The Price is Right.

The good thing for Matt Amodio, Ken Jennings is likely the next man to be picked for the hosting job. So, the two Jeopardy! GOATs should have plenty of time to talk strategy and other ins and outs of the game. If the rumors are true and Jennings is the next host, it will be a good rectification after the Richards debacle.