‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Drops Bold Advice About ‘Looking Silly’ After 19th Victory

by Madison Miller

Season 38 of “Jeopardy!” just aired last night, September 13, with all-star champion Matt Amodio continuing with his streak.

Amodio dominated during the last season of the show for 18 consecutive episodes. Fans then had to wait to see him return behind the podium until the premiere of the new season.

Last night marked win number 19 and counting. He recently commented on his appearance on the show on Twitter. He wrote, “If you ever have the opportunity to trade: 1. looking silly for 2. slightly increasing your odds of succeeding … take it! (even if you’re not on #jeopardy).”

He then shared a clip of himself counting using his fingers to answer a question on the show. It’s an interesting strategy, but clearly, Amodio’s strategies have worked out really well for him in the past. Amodio is now tied in fourth with the most consecutive games won and in third for the most money ever won.

Matt Amodio won $574,801 in the 18 games from last season. He also had four different hosts at the podium: LeVar Burton, Robin Roberts, Joe Buck, and David Faber.

‘Jeopardy!’ Controversy and Drama

His appearance has come amongst a lot of other controversy and drama over on “Jeopardy!” happens simultaneously. Fans saw Mike Richards as the host last night. It is his one and only episode as host before he stepped down for a plethora of past controversial remarks and actions. He was then also fired as the executive producer of both “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

Many fans of the show were hesitant to watch his appearance after all the drama he brought to the once drama-free trivia show. One Twitter user spoke out about why it’s still important to watch that episode, despite Richards being the one to host.

“Brother asked if we would be watching jeopardy this week because of Mike Richards. My answer: Yes. My reason: 1st & foremost the contestants, they shouldn’t be punished for someone else’s actions. 2nd Matt Amodio deserves to be celebrated,” the account wrote.

After Richards, Mayim Bialik will be guest hosting on the show until “Jeopardy!” executives figure out their next move.

When it comes to all the drama and controversy, Matt Amodio says it’s not really something he has the energy to focus on.

“Frankly, the last thing I’m thinking about when I’m in the middle of a game is who’s hosting. I’ve had people say, ‘Oh man, you’ve moved on to your fourth host, that has to be difficult.’ And I would say, ‘Well, you’re right, but I didn’t even realize that, necessarily.’ Cause I’m trying to pull these really obscure facts out of my brain, and that takes all the mental energy I can afford at the moment,” he said to The Washington Post.