‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Fires Back at Heavy Criticisms Over His ‘Annoying’ Habit on Show

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit game show “Jeopardy!” are happy to have a new champion riding a massive hot streak with seven wins now under his belt.

That “Jeopardy!” champion is Matt Amodio and the college student is riding high with his seven-episode winning streak. There are few things in the world of game show more exciting than a contestant who has reeled off win after win. Amodio is currently aiming for a doctorate in computer science at a prestigious Ivy League School.

The Yale student says he is living a life-long dream but garnering success on his favorite game show. Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, the “Jeopardy!” champ has collected north of $122,000 during his seven-game winning streak. It is an impressive accomplishment, to say the least, and game show fans are not rotting him on…or at least some of them are.

Other “Jeopardy!” fans are heavily annoyed with Amodio’s winning streak because of a common occurrence in his time with the show. When answering clues involving people, Amodio often substitutes “who” with “what” in his answers.

While most people could care less about the champ’s “dirty habit” others are very bothered by it. Some fans have even taken their complaints to social media to decry Amodio’s awkward answering habit. Some fans go as far as to say that he should be penalized every time he uses incorrect phrasing. That might be a little extreme but you get the picture — “Jeopardy!” fans are a fickle bunch.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Fires Back at ‘Haters’

On Saturday, the young game show champion went on social media to fire back at his critics.

“If you would enjoy watching a ‘Jeopardy!’ game with 100 percent less me, a reminder,” Amodio says. “Check your local listing for some awesome weekend re-runs!”

Take that haters! Well put by the reigning “Jeopardy!” champion as it appears he is unfazed by the harsh criticism of his gameplay. While he has some detractors out there, Amodio also has some fan support who want to see him continue with the streak. Numerous backers replied to his recent social media post, telling him to ignore the critics and push forward.

“You are must-see TV, bro!” a fan writes in the comments section.

“Seriously please never ever leave the show,” another “Jeopardy!” watcher says.

“I’m only watching for you!” another Amodio supporter proclaims. “Ignore the haters!”

Amodio will look to extend his already impressive “Jeopardy!” winning streak with fresh competition this week. The game show champ has already excelled under two different celebrity guest hosts. His first wins came while television personality and journalist Robin Roberts was behind the podium. This past week, Amodio won every match hosted by former “Reading Rainbow” host LeVar Burton. Amodio will see journalist and television personality David Faber this week as he looks to continue the streak.