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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Sends Funny Message To Buzzy Cohen as Tournament of Champions Reruns Air

by John Jamison
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

One thing to know about former contestant and “Jeopardy!” champion Buzzy Cohen is he’s always dressed to impress. From head to toe, the man is consistently stylish. When he took over as the host of the game show’s Tournament of Champions, he looked right at home. Now, the tournament is airing on TV again and current “Jeopardy!” winner Matt Amodio is feeling a little attacked by Cohen’s fashion sense.

But Matt Amodio is Matt Amodio. He has racked up more than $440,000 and is the fourth-highest earning contestant in “Jeopardy!” history. So, of course, he had a specific way of phrasing the way he was feeling.

Trivia master he is, Amodio uses words like “sartorial” to describe Cohen’s eye for classic fashion. And being self-aware, Amodio understands that he isn’t as naturally dapper.

“Look… I get it… I know I’m sartorially challenged,” Amodio wrote in his Tweet, tagging Buzzy Cohen.

The “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions host even got involved in the replies.

“I actually had an ascot ready to go if #TeamBuzzy made the finals of All-Stars,” Cohen wrote. We have complete faith he’d pull the ascot look off, much to Amodio’s dismay.

To be fair, Matt’s no Buzzy, but he’s no slouch either. At least, compared to one Twitter user’s impression of another “Jeopardy!” legend in James Holzhauer.

“If you think you’re sartorially challenged, just think back to when @James_Holzhauer was on. At least you wore a suit a few times,” the fan replied.

Another gave Amodio props for presenting as well as he does, considering his status as a Ph.D. student.

“As someone who’s spent way too much time with other STEM students, ‘showers regularly’ and ‘no visible food stains’ are basically the equivalent of a tux. I think you’re good,” the Twitter user added.

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“Let me first say that I’ve watched JEOPARDY! all my life. I’m a big fan of the format, and I’ve been sincerely flattered by the many people on this page who have encouraged me to audition for Alex Trebek’s old job,” Mike Rowe wrote on his website. “Many years ago, when I was just starting out in this business, I took a solemn vow to never host a TV show with an exclamation point in the title. And clearly, hosting JEOPARDY! would violate that oath.”