‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Gets Shoutout from a ‘Cheers’ Star Who Says a ‘Golden Girls’ Star Predicted His Streak

by Amy Myers

Picture this: in addition to being a Jeopardy! fan, Harvey Fierstein might be a Golden Girls medium. Recently, the Cheers star announced that he had a conversation with Estelle Getty, the actress behind the one-and-only Sophia Petrillo, in his dreams. Prior to her role on Golden Girls, Getty starred in Fierstein’s Torch Song Trilogy on Broadway. During Fierstein’s recent unconscious encounter with his former star, Getty disclosed to him exactly how many wins current champion Matt Amodio would gain. Unfortunately for Amodio, though, Fierstein claimed that he couldn’t “divulge the information.”

“I love sleeping because I have the best dreams. This morning I awoke speaking to Estelle Getty on the phone. She was in town for the Gay Day Parade and wanted to get together. It was fun catching up with her,” Fierstein initially wrote.

He followed up on this tweet with his cryptic Jeopardy! message: “Estelle could see the future. She told me all about @AmodioMatt years ago. She told me exactly how many games he’d win but I can’t divulge the information.”

Of course, this piqued the interest of Amodio, himself, and he quickly wrote back to the Cheers star, hoping to find out more of Getty’s posthumous prediction.

“Surely you can make an exception for me? I’d love to know!” the Jeopardy! champ tweeted.

See the conversation below.

Fierstein Follows up with Another Getty-Inspired Message for ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amodio

Since beginning his journey on Jeopardy!, Matt Amodio has quickly climbed through the ranks and now sits in second place behind only Ken Jennings. With 36 wins under his belt, Amodio hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. However, in order to reach the top, he must beat Jennings’ record of 74 wins.

So, naturally, when late Golden Girl Estelle Getty told Harvey Fierstein to “Picture this,” Amodio wanted to know just how many wins Sophia Petrillo saw in his future. Unfortunately, Fierstein has remained tight-lipped on the matter. Following Amodio’s plea for information, the Cheers star sent him another message from his good friend and former sitcom star.

“Oh, Cookie, living in the moment is the real secret to happiness. I’d never rob you of that. You are a shining example. Just keep breathing. All will be revealed. So saith Estelle. xoxox,” Fierstein tweeted.

Previously, the Jeopardy! champ revealed that if he does manage to topple Jenning’s current record with 75 wins, his goal is to meet late-night talk show host, Stephen Colbert, to talk all things Lord of the Rings. Amodio admitted that he watches all of Colbert’s shows and even named one of his dogs after the TV personality.

Perhaps in Fierstein’s next dream, Getty will tell him if Amodio gets the chance to be a guest on The Late Show.