‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Has Hilarious Concern About ‘Blue Check Process’ on Social Media

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Clearly, Twitter doesn’t recognize an up-and-coming “Jeopardy!” legend when it sees one.

Current champion Matt Amodio is on an 18-day streak and has the third-highest regular-season earnings ever. During his run, he’s competed for four different guest hosts (five, if you count the one-and-done taping day of Mike Richards). We have no idea how far Amodio will go in the upcoming 38th season of “Jeopardy!”, but we have no doubt he’ll continue to impress us.

Unfortunately, Amodio seems unable to impress the Twitter Verified team. On the social media platform, famous celebrities or relevant people in different industries receive a blue check next to their name. The blue check verifies that the account belongs to the person the user claims to be and is not a fake account.

Amodio, who’s fairly active on Twitter, is apparently looking to become verified. He interacts with his fans and fellow “Jeopardy!” legends quite a bit. So, it’s not unreasonable for him to request some legitimacy, especially if fake fan accounts start popping up.

But according to his latest tweet, Amodio’s run into some issues with the Twitter Verified team.

“Does anybody know how to make Twitter’s ‘blue check’ process go slower? I’m worried mine will be done before #Jeopardy Season 3,141,592 airs, and there’s just no point rushing these things,” Amodio tweeted.

The hilarious message definitely highlights Amodio’s frustration with the snail-like pace of the process. But it also projects his confidence that he’ll be around for (potentially) millions of more “Jeopardy!” episodes. Also, we have to appreciate the fact that the quiz champ snuck a pi reference in there with his “choice” of a random Season number.

How Does Mike Richards’ Stepping Down as ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Affect Matt Amodio’s Play?

The internet is buzzing this week with the news that executive producer and previously appointed “Jeopardy!” host Mike Richards stepped down from the position. He decided it would be best for the show after his offensive podcast remarks resurfaced in a detailed expose from The Ringer.

Before he stepped down, Richards managed to tape five episodes of the upcoming “Jeopardy!” season. Entertainment Weekly reported that Richards will now serve as the first week-long guest host on the show while Sony scrambles for a new permanent host. More guest hosts will take on the remaining episodes of Season 38.

We know current champ Matt Amodio returned for at least one episode, with Richards as guest host. But how disorienting must it be for him to switch to yet another guest host, if he advances that far? Contestants have admitted in the past that a host’s cadence and rhythm affect the game tremendously, impacting when players hit the buzzer and who gets there first.

Luckily for Amodio, he’s already adjusted to four different guest hosts in the past. Hopefully, the strategy he used then will work for him moving forward if he has to work with another host.