‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Jokes That ‘Poorly Worded’ Questions on the Show Are Usually Just Misread

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matt Amodio is winning Jeopardy! matches, breaking records, all while brilliantly making fun of himself, or perhaps the guest hosts.

On Wednesday night, Amodio posted on Twitter:

“Steps to identify whether a Jeopardy! question was poorly worded or whether you just mis-read it: 1. You just mis-read it.”

Amodio’s win streak is at 36 and counting. The official Jeopardy! social media accounts confirmed the news Wednesday night. His winnings total about $1.5 million. Earlier this week, Amodio set a personal best with $83,000. The Jeopardy! account tweeted “83K? We’re not worthy.” Amodio replied, “A #Jeopardy wager that would hopefully make Machiavelli proud!”

Even super champion Ken Jennings took notice of Amodio’s $83,000 win. “Whoa!” he tweeted. And Amodio is coming for Jennings, although it’ll be a while before he gets there. Try more than doubling what he’s already accomplished. Jennings owns the record with 74 consecutive games. His Jeopardy! winnings total more than $4.5 million, so next to Jennings, Amodio’s total looks quite small, relatively speaking. Still, Amodio is in second place all-time. He surpassed James Holzhauer last week when he hit win No. 33.

Amodio, when he’s not on the game show, is a Ph.D. student at Yale where he’s studying computer science.

Is There Any Truth to Amodio’s Claims About the Jeopardy! Questions?

Now, let’s circle back to his original tweet, about whether the hosts, possibly, are misreading the questions. Maybe the contestants don’t quite understand the context. Or, perhaps, the questions are poorly written. All three could be true.

Jeopardy! fans weighed in. One fan posted a screenshot of an oddly worded question. Another posted: “Got the right answer after carefully diagraming that sentence. No way in hell I would’ve got it in real time. There have to be better ways of conveying the same information.”

Another replied to Amodio: “I mean, that was the case when Alex was reviewing each question. A lot more questionable questions have slipped by guest hosts. You could really tell which hosts were actively proofreading (e.g. Gupta).”

Alex Trebek was the legendary Jeopardy! host. He died of pancreatic cancer last November, 10 days after he taped his final show. Show producers still are deciding on his permanent replacement after using a string of guest hosts.

Another Amodio fan pointed out that he’s already coming up in conversation in the classroom. “Yep that’s just about it. Have you ever knew that you had the correct answer in your head but decided to say a completely wrong answer? I just did that multiple times in my Latin class today so embarrassing. My teacher kept saying “ooo you just did a Matt” it made me laugh.”

Another Jeopardy! fan did a take off on the show’s answer/question format.

“Matt, you rock! Keep up the winning streak as long as you can. I’m cheering you on! Who’s going to beat Ken’s total winnings? WHATS Matt Amodio.”