‘Jeopardy’ Champ Matt Amodio Still Has Ways to Go to Match One Game Show’s Insane Amount

by Leanne Stahulak

Current 38-day champ Matt Amodio continues to break “Jeopardy!” records week after week. But how do his wins compare to other international game show records?

Amodio recently made history when he surpassed James Holzhauer’s second-place record for consecutive wins (32). Now, he’s working towards beating the legendary Ken Jennings’ record of 74 consecutive wins, the most of any “Jeopardy!” contestant ever.

Amodio also has a chance to beat out Holzhauer and Jennings’ records for highest winnings. Jennings holds the top spot with $2.5 million with Holzhauer right behind him at $2.4. Last week, Amodio just crossed over the $1.5 million mark in 38 games.

While he might be making history here in the U.S., Amodio’s recent success doesn’t quite compare to other game show successes overseas. According to Buzzerblog, a Spanish version of a short-lived American game show produced one of the biggest win streaks and highest winnings on a game show ever.

Back in 2015, Fox debuted with “Boom!” a trivia-style game show that involved diffusing “bombs” that represented a question. A team of three people would send one person at a time to answer the question. Three answers corresponding to three wires on the bomb were correct, while one was incorrect. The contestant cut the correct wires to try and “diffuse” the bomb before it exploded with some kind of food item.

Fox canceled the show after one season, but it took off in Europe, per Buzzerblog. The Spanish version of “Boom!”, like “Jeopardy!”, runs daily. And for the winning team, the final round jackpot grows by 5,0000 euros every day you play.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio has a Long Way to Go to Catch Up to These Contestants

So, how does this compare to 38-day champ Matt Amodio? Well, one Spanish team, “Los Lobos,” won 505 straight “Boom!” games.

Yup, you read that right. Five hundred and five games in a row. Los Lobos secured 6,689,700 euros for their efforts, which equals about $7,739,548. That’d be like winning the lottery!

Buzzerblog even calculated how much Amodio would make if he won 505 “Jeopardy!” games. Based on the current average of his scores, he’d walk away with at least $19,000,000. Although, he’d also be playing into 2023 if he got that far, based on the game show’s shooting schedule.

Maybe Amodio will go that far, or maybe he won’t. Either way, he’s already made “Jeopardy!” history by surpassing Holzhauer’s consecutive wins record. Plus, one could argue that “Jeopardy!” is the harder game. In “Boom!”, most of the answers are multiple-choice. While in “Jeopardy!”, you have to tell the host the answer and have an insane buzzer reaction time.

Amodio returns to our screens tonight, so we’ll see if his streak continues then.