‘Jeopardy!’: How One U.S. City Used as Subject of Questions Stumped Contestants Twice in One Week

by Thad Mitchell

A particular city residing in the state of Kansas seems to be causing all sorts of problems for contestants on the popular game show Jeopardy!

Along with the competitive aspect, Jeopardy! prides itself on providing thought-provoking education to its viewers. Everyone is bound to learn something new when watching an episode of the hit quiz show. Such an instance occurred during last week’s Tournament of Champions. Though it may have stumped the contestants, Jeopardy! watchers now know a few interesting things about Wichita, Kansas.

Wichita, a beautiful city with a population nearing 400,000, has appeared in Jeopardy! clues twice in one week. Each Wichita clue has been in the $1,000 bin, meaning Jeopardy! producers believe them to be difficult. The contestants obviously agree as both clues went unanswered.

One of the Jeopardy! clues focused on Wichita’s annual River Festival, which is coming up this month. Wichita natives definitely took notice of their city being featured on a popular game show. Though contestants were unable to come up with the correct answer it is still positive publicity for the city’s tourism industry.

“Today on Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions!” the Wichita Riverfest social media page proclaims. “No one knew the answer and the host mispronounced it, but still — how cool!”

Jeopardy! Players Stumped by Wichita Clues

The clue asks contestants to name the river celebrated during the annual Wichita Riverfest. The clue was given during the annual Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions with former contestant Buzzy Cohen hosting.

“Riverfest is a big annual celebration in Wichita, Kansas and this the river,” the clue states.

“What is the Arkansas River?” is the correct response to the clue.

Falling under the category of “flags” the second Wichita clue was also worth $1,000 and again contestants could not answer correctly.

“A domed dwelling of Southwest Native Americans, it’s represented on Wichita’s flag as a symbol of home,” the clue states.

“What is a Hogan?” is the right answer to the Jeopardy! clue.

So, a little advice for upcoming Jeopardy! contestants — you might want to familiarize yourself with the city of Wichita before appearing on the show. It might just be the difference between leaving a winner of leaving empty-handed.

With the Tournament of Champions now complete, Jeopardy! is now back to regular competition format. Actress and Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik is currently serving as the show’s guest host. Her tenure will run through next Friday. Journalist Savannah Guthrie waits in the wings for her shot at hosting.