‘Jeopardy’ Clue Crew Will Host Online Games For Your Workplace: What to Know

by Amy Myers

Training for any new company can be a tough task on both ends. For the employer, you have to find the right methods to deliver the information quickly and effectively. For the employee, you have to digest and facilitate your newly learned knowledge at a reasonable rate. Of course, standard show-and-tell methods are just fine, but for those that want a more engaging and exciting solution, the Jeopardy clue crew has a solution.

The team behind America’s favorite trivia game created a virtual version of the show, Jeopardy! LIVE, that is completely customizable. Company onboarding teams can pair up with the game show’s “clue crew,” Sarah Whitcomb Foss and Jimmy McGuire to create company-centered questions and categories for their personal game show experience.

In true Jeopardy fashion, the individualized game includes Double Jeopardy!, Final Jeopardy! and “Daily Doubles.”

Meet the ‘Jeopardy’ Clue Crew

Although late host Alex Trebek is the face most people associate with the show, Sarah Whitcomb Foss and Jimmy McGuire of the Jeopardy clue crew are the masterminds behind the game’s content. Since 2001, the duo has explored the world to “capture the most interesting and visually enticing Jeopardy! clues for the show.”

Dedicated to her journey to find the best clues, Whitcomb Foss’ travels have taken her to 37 countries and all seven continents. Her two favorite trips were to the Arctic and Antarctica. McGuire’s trips have kept him in the country more than his partner, as he’s traveled across the nation from Martha’s Vineyard to Hawaii.

However, in 2017, McGuire circumnavigated “the Baltic Sea aboard the National Geographic Orion with Lindblad Expeditions, a 14-day adventure of 1,700 nautical miles that took him to eight countries to record clues.”

Together the Jeopardy clue crew has visited 350 cities worldwide, 50 states, 47 countries and on all seven continents.

The Jeopardy clue crew works closely with employers to create the most relevant and resonating questions for the company. With 20 years of experience on Jeopardy!, they’re more than ready to make any training interesting and enjoyable.

How to Best Use Jeopardy! LIVE

Besides working with your team to create the game’s clues, the Jeopardy clue crew also provides a 30-minute dress rehearsal, one hour game hosting and live production support and other support services.

While Jeopardy! LIVE certainly makes a great training alternative, this isn’t its only use. In fact, the game show’s official site offers other potential opportunities to use the game, such as college education, learning games, diversity awareness, slide presentations and much more.

The Jeopardy clue crew is challenging leaders and employers everywhere to take advantage of the game’s new platform. By competing in a friendly game, not only are you providing a more engaging way to deliver information, but you create a creative and thoughtful environment for others to work and collaborate.