‘Jeopardy!’: Conan O’Brien Appeared on the Game Show For a ‘Very Punchable’ Reason

by Jon D. B.

Jeopardy! hilariously and inadvertently knocked Conan O’Brien down a few pegs last week, just in time for the host’s announced retirement from late night television.

“When you’ve been in late night television as long as I have, day in and day out, and it’s really, it’s 28 years at this point… Which is just mind-boggling to me,” O’Brien broaches the subject. “When you put in that kind of time, you start to wonder… What’s my legacy? How do people think of me? How will I be remembered in the great pantheon of comedic television hosts?” he ponders with a smile.

Turns out, the late night host already has his answer.

Apparently, Conan is as big a Jeopardy! fan as us Outsiders, and got his answer via one of Anderson Cooper’s recent episodes in the most hysterical fashion.

“Well, I got my answer,” he admits, smile still present. “Last week, I was watching Jeopardy!, and… Well… This happened.”

From here, Conan replays last week’s Jeopardy! clip, in which guest host Cooper reads the clue for “Recent Books for $800.” It is as follows:

A head writer of “Saturday Night Live”, he titled his memoir “A Very Punchable Face.”

Contestant Kelly – without a second’s hesitation – buzzes in with “What is Conan O’Brien?”

For those playing the home game – this is not the correct answer. Not even close. This recent book title belongs to current SNL writer and Weekend Update co-anchor, Colin Jost. But oh, how Mr. Kelly must want to punch Conan O’Brien in the face.

BURN. Watch the hilarious reveal below, alongside the late night host’s priceless reaction.

Watch Conan O’Brien Learn of His ‘Punchable Face’ via ‘Jeopardy!’

The best part, however, comes from Cooper himself, who can’t help but smile amidst the dead silence following Kelly’s incorrect guess. “Looking for Colin Jost,” he smirks.

Looks like the other contestants had no objection to Conan’s infinite punchability, either.

To this, Conan gives the best of responses with “What the hell is that!?”

“The guy is fed two clues… ‘Wrote for Saturday Night Live… And has a face you wanna punch. Not even any hesitation!” he laughs with co-host Andy Richter. “Bang! Conan O’Brien! And then nobody else can come up with anyone!”

“Conan,” he laments. “That’s the face you’d wanna punch!”

“That’s what’s great about no matter how long you’ve been in late night. No matter what you think you’ve accomplished, a little moment like that brings you not just right back down to earth… But it digs a hole and shoves you in it,” Conan chuckles of the Jeopardy! reveal.


CONAN Highlight: Who’s the first person this “Jeopardy!” contestant thought of when he heard the words, “a very punchable face?” Conan O’Brien.